Delusions of “Goodness” in Immorality

People think they are “good” no matter what they do. Slavers thousands of years ago thought of themselves as good. Hitler thought of himself as good and doing what was right. When you do not accept the core foundational principles of Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, all you need to do is believe it is “right” and “good” and your belief “validates” all of your actions. That is all. No Truth is required. People believe anything they want to validate their current choices, decisions, actions and behaviors. You could cook up a human leg and if it was accepted in society as a norm, as “right”, then people would have no problem with it, and you would not even consider that you were not “good”. It is that simple. “Never underestimate the power of denial” was my graduation quote in high school, 2001.