Truth is Free

Truth is Free. No one owns Truth themselves. You can only hold and grasp it in the hands of your mind, but that is the extent of “ownership.”

You can “own” up to Truth, to truly grasp and see the truth. Everyone can come to know the truth and “own” it in that sense of grasping it in the mind, to attain it, but there is nothing to grasp in physical reality. It is not “ownership”. No one owns Truth to restrict its access for others.

People who believe they can charge monetary value for something they never owned themselves, for something they revealed about reality, are manipulators, knowingly or not, constricting the access to Truth.

I have always had immediate distrust for those who sell their information that can be given for free through digital media that costs nothing. No one owns knowledge. No one owns Truth. The aspects of “intellectual” property are imaginary. Intelligencia are founded upon this principle of encryption and secrecy. Occulted knowledge becomes a power differential for abuse, manipulation and control.

If you truly Care for Truth and Morality, then you want to get the quality knowledge out to as many people as possible for them to raise their consciousness and help others do the same. When you charge for digital information, you are restricting the amount of people that can benefit from the knowledge of reality, because you want to make some money, coward! This is to wallow in APATHY of Truth. You don’t REALLY Care for Truth if you are more concerned with making money than providing the knowledge for everyone to access and evolve from. It’s Service to Truth vs. service to self of being a coward, in “my truth”, “my freedom”, “my survival”.

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  • Leo

    Beautifully said and with synchronicity. We just created a blog called “Donation Detectives”, my current blog is former name “From Croatia with Love”. The new DD site is
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