Let Someone Else Fix it, I want to Enjoy Life

The world is not right. Many people recognize this. Unfortunately, they are too busy with pleasure and enjoyment to care enough to do something about it. Many people see the wrongs, but no one wants to tackle fixing them properly.

“Yup, the world isn’t right, but I’m busy living my life, nothing I can do about it, I will just enjoy myself.”

What a wonderful worldview. Don’t learn, don’t figure out a solution. Just let shit fall apart and let your children, or their children, take care of the mess you perpetuated. That shows how much you really care about life and your children. You don’t even care that they will inherit the mess you didn’t want to clean up and perpetuated from those you inherited it from who also didn’t clean it up. It gets passed down, and everyone expects someone else to do the hard work to fix things, but not them, no, its not their problem.

“Enjoy your wine, enjoy your food, enjoy everything and seek those enjoyments in all of your waking life. Live life to the fullest, worry about yourself and not others. You only have one life to live, make it count, have fun.”

Sounds great right? I don’t have to worry about anything but my own life and those around me. I can focus on alcohol, getting intoxicated, getting hight, seeking pleasure, letting the time float by until my next moment of pleasure, gratification, enjoyment, amusement or other distraction from reality that matters.

“Government, daddy, mommy, nanny will take of things for me while I abdicate personal responsibility. Then I get to ‘enjoy’ and ‘live’ life, so it all works out for me, and what is ‘right’ for me, my loved ones, or those I am close to and identify with. If we are headed off a cliff, oh well, I will just go have fun with my life and let my children and grandchildren run off the cliff too, because I don’t really care. I pretend to care, but my focus is only on the “now” and maintaining my survival and enjoyment.”

People are focused, obsessed, attached and infatuated with their pleasures, gratifications, amusements and overall enjoyment to bother with focusing on the need to change themselves in order to change the world. Some people even delude themselves with fanciful “feel-good” deceptions such as “I’m already perfect”. They “don’t need to learn” because they are very satisfied with their personal position in life and are content that way. The learning journey has ended for them (or never even begun, i.e. unbegun, uninitiated). They have pitched their tent and want to stay right where they are.

Let Someone Else Fix it, I want to Enjoy Life