Responsibility to Learn – Care for Truth

When you are young you require a person of wisdom to educate you. At a certain point we have to educate ourselves on our own to develop our own self-determined, self-governed, sovereign understanding of reality, to develop wisdom and no longer be led by the hand with people spoon feeding us what to accept about reality. It is especially concerning when we realize what hands have been leading us in life. Personal responsibility in the search for knowledge and truth must be developed. Otherwise, you are simply a robot going through a program you have been fed and bought into, completely oblivious and ignorant to the actuality of reality.



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That standard social engineering construct of self that is created, produces a consciousness that is limited from the potential it can be. It creates a robot, a zombie, under various degrees of mind control to produce conformity to the collectivist hive mind. This is the docility to authority and the gargantuan system we find ourselves immersed in and let continue, growing, cannibalizing the world. We simply remain content with our ignorance, apathy, cowardice and fear of truth and knowledge that catalyzes us towards change.

The reality of evil needs to be faced. True Care, Care for Truth and Morality, needs to be developed, care for right over wrong, good over evil, truth over falsity, reality over unreality. If we ignore reality, we can live in continued contentment, comfort and convenience that our particular geographical zone of living provides.

Anger is a powerful catalyst for action, and it can be harnessed when we see evil wrong-doings go on around us. Anger is required at first at least, to connect and get in touch with morality and feel the evil in reality. Feel it deep down, in care, compassion, empathy, conscience and morality, and get righteous about this evil that is being created! The beginner must face reality and get angry to get motivated to do something. We need a catalyst for change to move and make things different.

Knowledge is required, Truth. A force is required to change an inert object or an object going along a specific velocity and direction. To change the direction, the force of knowledge is required to empower one with the ability to change direction. Quality knowledge and Truth is required to produce quality, effective, meaningful, proper, accurate, optimal, correct, right-action. Knowledge, care and anger can get one fueled to actually do something about what is going on. If you are not angry at the horrors and evil when you first learn about them, something is wrong inside of you. Wrongs are supposed to be felt in order for us to do something about them and stop them. This is part of being a Natural Law Causal Agent.

People don’t know what is going and don’t care. Some people think they care. People don’t want the responsibility to Care for Truth, the learning that it involves, the work on our selves to change and help others change. This is why people fear truth, and therefore ignore it, are apathetic towards it, are cowardly and run from it, and in the end are lazy and ineffective in producing actual goodness.

Many people offer lip service to Care for Truth. Do you speak like you Care for Truth, or do you act like you Care for Truth? Caring for Truth, to learn and educate out of darkness with knowledge, to live by what is right, good and true. This is a huge part of life that most people ignore. Care for Truth. Embrace Truth. Truth is ONE way, go all the way for the rest of your life. Service to Truth, or compromise of Truth. It is a hard path to walk, and we often stumble and don’t always stand up 100% of the way, but we have to keep developing our integrity and unity with the Natural Laws of the universe, to evolve and better ourselves.