Trauma, Abuse, Victims, Suffering and Psychopathy

Psychopathic means suffering of psyche, mind or consciousness, from psyche (mind) + pathos (suffering). Everyone is psychopathic (within varying comparative degrees) in society; socially engineered, conditioned, programmed, brainwashed and indoctrinated into a false living, a false self, in a delusion of illusions and appearances that prevents us from Realizing and Actualizing our Substantive, Authentic, True Self, Higher Self, Higher Will, etc. We are engaging in wrong actions, creating suffering, because we suffer ourselves.

People who don’t suffer don’t create evil for others to suffer under. Only suffering people create evil for others to suffer under, in the abuse-victim perpetuation cycle. Empathy and compassion feel suffering for others and can bear the good or evil as the other does. If we create evil and suffering for others, it can be ignorantly and unconsciously. Unconsciously, because we are not consciously aware and evolved enough in consciousness to know reality from unreality, right from wrong, good from evil, and are unconsciously living in falsity, through fear, ignorance, apathy, cowardice and laziness of Truth and Morality, a lack of True Care.

self-respectIf we create evil, we are suffering, suffering from a lack of self-knowledge, which is a lack of self-respect to look at ourselves in the mirror, a lack of self-love to care to do that work on ourself, and a lack of self-responsibility to own up to the actions and behaviors we create in reality. This lack of self-knowledge, self-respect, self-love and self-responsibility creates the self-inflicted suffering and self-imposed enslavement we live in and continue to perpetuate.

As long as we do evil, and harm others we have no right to harm, who did no one any harm, then we create evil, suffering, trauma and abuse, for them and ourselves because we are in a state of suffering in the mind, from a devolved and “deadened” consciousness, care, compassion, empathy, conscience and morality. Healing, growing, evolving, changing, etc., takes time, attention, energy, effort, dedication, determination and persistence.

Moral Baseline

Do you still not understand why “veganism” is the moral baseline and is very important, if not the most important thing to End Evil? Speciesism, is the root causal core foundational first separation, disconnection, detachment, devaluation and de-identification with others like our kind, to engage in the left-hand of evil in behavior towards others and validate it as a “right”. We cannot be morally consistent when we selectively apply morality at our whims, as the left-hand action contradicts what the right-hand does in action. That is a divided self, incoherent, inconsistent, conflicted, oppositional, confused. To not exploit or eat some animals because we choose not to and find it abhorrent and wrong, while allowing that violent behavior against other animals, is not consistent morality, but selective incoherent attachment to falsity and immorality that prevents greater knowledge, realization and actualization of reality and ourselves.

Morality is objective, not based on our preferences or beliefs, but is based in actions in reality that cause harm to others. Understand morality from the base of objectivity in our actions wholesale, not only against our own animal species or certain house animals that we don’t eat because we want them as “friends”. Evil is generated from us towards those less like us, not those most like us. Every secondary construct can be corrected more easily after correcting the root causal core foundational corruption in our ways of living and being. It is hard to get to that core corruption though, people fight it.

Here is a Natural Moral Law primer:

Do you have the right to harm others? No.
Do you have the right to harm yourself? Well, you have more right than others do, as they have zero right to harm you, but that doesn’t mean you can simply harm yourself and believe this is a “good” and “right” thing under morality.

If you understand this, then it is easily understood that to violate other’s rights and harm them is never acceptable, while to harm yourself is more acceptable even if it is still wrong, it is a lesser wrong. Any behavior you do to harm others is a greater violation of Natural Moral Law than any behavior you engage in that harms yourself. Any self-inflicted suffering from behavior humanity engages in itself as higher-order consciousness animals, is a lesser violation than the harm we collectively engage in against other nonhuman animals of lower order consciousness, who are more defenseless to our great powers of evil and don’t create this evil. NL6-Examples-1-Pyramid-Identification-and-ValueWe, human animals, are doing this overall self-inflicted evil to ourselves. Nonhuman animals are not doing this to themselves, we are doing it to them. These initial behaviors and justifications against nonhuman animals are the source of our evil ways that progressed into greater detachment, devaluation and de-identification with others even more closely like our more specific kind (nationality, race, tribe, clan, family, self).

This is the history of humanity creating evil. Evil starts with others less like you, not those most like you, got it? If “aliens” taught us evil, where did the “aliens” learn it? Eventually if you go back far enough, someone learned this (it is logically so), somewhere in the universe someone devalued others and harmed them, you don’t need any proof from history that you can’t actually verify. The source of all evil and suffering is detachment, devaluation and de-identification with others, which is proportionally reflected in your own attachment (similar to Buddha’s attachment as the root suffering), valuation and identification with your false self, the falsity, fear and evil; with the illusory appearances; with your self-image; with your false calcified ego-personality-identity construct . The real, substantive, authentic capital-ism in life, that which is most important, is Truth and Morality. Attach, identify and value Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, True Self, Higher Self, Higher Will.


People dish out abuse, pay for abuse, and eat the abuse. This is the standard normalized acceptability of society operating under the psychopathic predatory mind-virus of Carnism. An abuse-victim cycle created through ignorance or knowledge is still an abuse-victim cycle. All “use” of nonhuman animals is abuse and exploitation because they surely don’t agree to be our slave labor! They don’t give a shit about our idiotic human constructed false reality, other than our enslaving and violating their free will. They want to be free, like us, but they don’t create all these artificial constructs for living to then keep them in self-imposed enslavement like we do. No, they don’t do that. But we are actually trying to enslave or murder them though. It is a failure to objectively detach from ourself (attachment, root of suffering) and objectively learn about Morality in reality through proper attachment, identification and valuation of what is right, good and true in human behavior, wholesale, not simply regarding our own animal species or a select few others we breed for house enslavement companionship because we are so lost and living in falsity as the false self.

To perpetuate abuse, all you need to do is learn it as a normalized acceptability (watch the movie The Giver). Learn evil as “good”, learn wrong as “right”, learn falsity as “Truth”, and you live in an unreality of the false self, unable to properly discern reality, Truth, Right, and Good. Truth and falsity inherently divide and never unite. Introducing falsity into an individuated True Self will create a less individuated false self that becomes divided within themselves. This creates a self-contradictory, incoherent, confused, oppositional (Satan, the adversary and opposer) state inherent in the division imposed by the falsity in our authentic core substantive being. Natural-Law-Sovereignty-And-Survival_Page_052This state is the suffering in our mind/psyche/consciousness, that restricts consciousness. It creates the initial force of Fear that constricts consciousness into unconsciousness. We can now see why this is the “default” state of our current condition as we are brought up in life. This condition/state is the initial abuse we receive from society as soon as we are able to process the environment and receive impositions from our parents, society and the rest of our environment. These impositions are responsible for the creation or formation of our ego-personality-identity constructs. In our society, we are imposed with varying degrees or layers of a false self to cloud our affinity and embodiment of Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, True Self, etc.


Additionally, to experience evil is to receive trauma stimulus. Those who ignore evil, protect themselves from trauma. Those who ignore the evil they create, protect themselves from facing the trauma they create which allows them to continue creating it. The creation of an abuser or a victim involves trauma. To create evil is to create trauma and suffering for others and ourself. Trauma is traumatic, and an undeveloped mind/consciousness has issues dealing with trauma. People do not want to face their wrong-doings, their immoral behavior, because it casts a light on their mirror for them to be consciously aware of reality and face themselves honestly. People do not even want to do this corrective perceptual work when it comes to wrongs and evil around them in their lives, least of all to face their own direct participation in creating evil in this world.

Here are some old notes from the spring of 2014 dealing with the subject of trauma:

Many people aren’t facing up to this [immorality on animals and holocaust issue] because it’s horrible and traumatic to face it. It is traumatic to engage in SLAVERY and MURDER of innocent sentient animate beings that did nothing to you! Make no mistake! That is trauma! The subconscious protects people from having to face this in their lives in order to avoid the schism, conflict, pain and suffering that results by actively being consciously aware of the facts of reality we are participating in. To protect ourself from facing the truth of reality, we become blind to it! It is removed from the vision of our conscious awareness. I avoided it for a long time even though I knew how wrong it was, even before Mark Passio talked about it. But when you get the knowledge of Natural Moral Law, you can’t avoid it for very long if you want to live in a non-oppositional, non-conflicted, coherent, cohesive, integrated, united, harmonized way of life in alignment and embodiment of the values of core foundational principles of Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Moral Law, etc. People need to bring this trauma to the surface, to the tip of the iceberg, not continue to keep it submerged so that they can live in the fantasy delusion of “feeling-good” about themselves. You may think you “get” the New Age movement of “feel-good” BS as a carnist, but you are yourself engaging in this “feel-good” BS! Facing and owning up to the enslavement, exploitation, suffering, harm, violence or murder of innocent sentient animate beings is traumatic!

This is going to expose all you frauds, posers, liars and pretenders for who you are. I can wait to see who boots me, ignores me, and dislikes me; who chooses to be my enemy and the enemy of Truth; who engages in defensive rationalizations, excuses, justifications, denial, avoidance, ignorance and rejection of this HARD TRUTH they don’t want to face. Those people will be exposing their own refusal to go into the basement of their mind, the subconscious that protects them from facing themselves and dealing with their bullshit and heal themselves. This is what “spiritual” alchemy is. Face the shadow, darkness, demon and negative that you currently align yourself with, embody and LIVE in your life! Then you can develop the courage and willpower to sublimate, transmute, purify, heal, change, better, improve, evolved towards Truth, Love, Right, Good, Morality, Natural Moral Law, True Self, Higher Self, Higher Will.

This healing and purification works through applied knowledge, CARE, courage and willpower. YOU are not “spiritually/morally” well, you do need healing and you need to face it! Telling an addict that they shouldn’t be addicted, that they should take personal responsibility to develop integrity and face themselves in honesty is rejected with defensive rationalizations to continue engaging in a that particular habits, that particular modality of living. They are in denial about it, not doing harm to themselves and other innocent sentient animate beings! No true lasting peace will never happen so long as we engage in this evil! I am not being violent, no matter the bullshit about so-called “non-violent communication”.

If people can face themselves in honesty about this animal enslavement and murder issue, then facing themselves about the society issues of enslavement and wrongdoings will be a piece of cake, a walk in the park! This traumatic involvement in evil is deeper and more ingrained than anything else! This is the HARDEST TRUTH I had to face, and this is the hardest Truth I have come to recognize everyone in the “truther” groups can hardly come to face. This is a foundational basis of evil that allows other evil to be acceptable. People have no god-damn clue! I have talked about this in my Truth is Love article. Enslavement and murder of sentient animate beings did not start with doing it to other human animals, it started with degrees of separation and disconnection to other sentient animate beings, and progressed to human animals afterwards!

This animal issue is the root causal factor to our current mess. It is more important than the government authority issue, it is more important than the money issue. If you don’t “get” that, then you don’t “get” that. Once you “get it”, you “get it”. The root causal factors are what we have to really be targeting to get to any real lasting solution. The root causal factor is how the other evil and messes are created! People are more willing to accept the government Truth, the money Truth, because it doesn’t involve their direct participation in EVIL, in enslavement, violence and murder. It’s like trying to have a cop accept that they participate in direct evil, they don’t want to face the reality of that participation, they want to think they are “good” and ignore reality. People want to think they are “good” and ignore reality. People do not want to face the reality of their participation in the evil of murder, violence and enslavement of innocent sentient animate beings that did them no harm. It is too traumatic for their current level of consciousness. They are not raised enough to be at a level of embracing Truth and honesty about themselves. They are too immersed in darkness to see the light and develop True Care.

“Veganism” is the moral baseline, the foundation to build True Freedom and Peace, from the root causal core foundational principles of Truth and Morality. Anything less, is still a corrupted foundation not worth building on. Save time, energy and effort, and go to the root, even if you don’t see the psychological-desire of short-term immediate gains, the long term benefits will eventually arise in full form and solidity with a foundation grounded in the strength of Truth, Morality and Reality.

Inspiration source for the abuse-victim and trauma:
Mark Passio‘s work on the abuse-victim cycle
– Lenon Honor’s presentation on Trauma and 9/11