Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

  • Innocence
  • Forbidden Fruit – lost innocence
  • Evil is not necessary.
  • Nescience of evil has no evil existing.
  • This is innocence.



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If you are not innocent, you are guilty, but guilty of what? A violation against Law. What Law? Natural Moral Law! What happens when you are guilty of violating Natural Law and lose your innocence? You are creating in an aspect of evil. Nescience of evil is gone. You now have Knowledge of Good and Evil, as evil now is manifested and the comparison between what is good and what is evil can be made. All knowledge comes with comparing similarities and differences. If you do not engage in this process of acknowledging the diversity, multiplicity and variability of universe, creation, existence, reality, then everything is all the same and you can’t operate in existence. Good and Evil is one dualistic conceptual framework for discerning reality. If there was no evil existing through manifested actions, we would not be aware of it and could not compare good to evil. Good would simply be the natural state that always is. It would just be what is, and maybe we could call that “good” or another word to describe the natural state.

The fruit was symbolic of a Law from creation. Once the Law was broken, innocence was betrayed, nescience was shattered, and knowledge of good and evil took root. Knowledge of good and evil negates nescience of evil. Now, instead of blind innocence of nescience of evil, we have to choose to not do evil. Free Will Choice. Obey the Law, or face the consequences of your actions. Reap what you Sow. Truth or Consequence. Be Right, or Go Wrong.

Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

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  • Chike

    your eyes shall be opened
    you shall not die
    you would become like the gods knowing good and evil

    Then the eyes of both of them were opened… Gen 3:7

    And the LORD God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” Gen 3:22

    the last we hear of Eve is Gen 4:25. her death was never recorded. eve means life/living. ‘life’ never dies.

    lets explore what happens after Eve and Adam eats the fruit.

    They realized they were naked and they sewed fig leaves (plant-based) and made coverings for themselves (Gen 3:7). ‘Lord God’ comes around and makes garments of skin (animal based, Gen 3:21).

    The title ‘Lord” betrays this character called ‘Lord God’. Lord is an authoritarian/government/political figure that stands against all manner of freedom. the dictionary meaning of lord says it all.

    the true God in Gen 1:29 gave all fruit/seed bearing plants for food. this Lord figure comes around and prohibits a particular fruit bearing tree.

    the serpent told the truth and got punished and was called the devil by mainstream religion.

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