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* This is a long piece as it is about many things I have written about in other articles and it corresponds, correlates and interconnects the patterns for a better understanding. This piece has information and correspondences not made in previous articles or posts. There are many image meme-quotes that take up place as well, so it appears longer. I urge you to read this piece, it is probably the most important one I have written so far.*

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Conceptions of “love” in Society

“Love” seems to represent too many things in the standard definition. Every time “love” is used in the modern world, it can be directly substituted for another noun or verb. It has no real definition of its own.

C. S. Lewis had conceived of “Four Loves”, while John Lee formulated 6 “Love Styles” as a basis for understanding interpersonal relationships.

The Four Loves:

  1. Storge – affection, familial
  2. Philia – friendship, bond, common interest
  3. Eros – romance, in love, loving someone
  4. Agape – unconditional love

6 Love Styles:

  1. Eros – From the Greek word for “erotic or passionate”; a passionate physical and emotional love based on aesthetic enjoyment; stereotype of romantic love; hormones flying.
  2. Ludus – From the Latin word meaning “sport or play, a love that is played as a game or sport; winning; fun; may have multiple partners at once; short relationship; lust, getting laid, conquest.
  3. Storge – From the Greek word meaning “friendship”‘; an affectionate love that slowly develops from friendship, based on similarity, not physical.
  4. Pragma – From the Greek word meaning “practical”; love that is driven by reason, not feeling; practical; common goals shared.
  5. Mania – From the Greek word meaning “frenzy”; highly volatile love; obsession; fueled by low self-esteem; need for love; possessive; jealous; highs and lows, Hollywood mania love affairs: angry love, revenge love, killing yourself, controlling others, addiction like heroine.
  6. Agape – From the Greek word meaning “divine or spiritual”; “selfless altruistic love”; “true love”; sacrifice anything for the partner; “selfless love”.

Unconditional “love” is presented as the “spiritual love”, as the greatest love, just pure positive feeling towards someone no matter what they do, or towards everything because you “love it all”. Unconditional love, agape, can be the most dangerous, as Thomas Sheridan points out in his lecture in Norway. It is required from a parent towards a child because that child depends on the parent for survival until it is mature enough. Unconditional “love” towards another person (or several) is not healthy. If you start abusing me, am I supposed to still “love” you unconditionally? Would you? No, you are an adult; you have to learn to love conditionally because what other people do does matter and letting people get away with harm is not good or healthy.

Thomas Sheridan makes an analogy about learning a lot from cats. A dog will “love” you unconditionally, but cats won’t, and maybe at some levels they are healthier because of this. They are saying “if you hurt me, I won’t be nice to you.” A dog will “love” you no matter what you do to them. It is charming and endearing to view a dog in that way, but for humans to live our lives in such a way is very dangerous. To love someone unconditionally when it is not a child can develop into a form of fanaticism. You become fanatically devoted to someone, give yourself to them, etc. You end up having no control over yourself and can be led into the Gates of hell by that person by being fooled and not being careful.

You can only have unconditional “love” for those who depend on you because they cannot take care of themselves, like your child. You are responsible for them because they have not matured to a point to be able to do it on their own. With others though, you have to maintain your sovereignty as a human being. A baby is not a sovereign yet; unconditional love from the parents is required for its survival, or at least that is how it should be happening. Unconditional love applied generally is chaos of letting people who harm and violate the rights of others continue to receive care and affection to do so. There is no healthy reason to care and feel affection towards those who harm you. That is deep psychological abandonment or trauma. You don’t “put down” your child when they are learning and need your guidance, but you can “put down” another being that is supposed to be mature and responsible to some degree when they violate your rights.

“Love” means what exactly? People express the use of the word “love” in many ways, but they all have another emotion or state-of-being that can describe what we use “love” for instead.

“Love” is a very common word used in life, in movies, music, literature, magazines and pop culture. People say “love” in reference to other things such as:

– Warmth
– Happiness
– Joy
– Kindness
– Admiration
– Appreciation
– Preference
– Care
– Affection
– Infatuation
– Praise
– Desire
– Romance
– Lust
– Codependency
– and more things probably that I cannot think of

We say:

“I love it!”, “I love this car/song/movie/food”
We mean we like, appreciate, enjoy, desire, become attached and “care” for an object, not a living being. But love is being used anyways.

And also say:

“I love her.”
We are actually referencing care, affection, romance, desire, infatuation, etc. Loving a spouse is different from loving your child, and differs from loving your animal companion.

The birth of child, a sunset, an animal showing affection for you, all can create feelings inside on an emotional level. You don’t “love” a car, song, movie or food, it is something else. “Love” can be an emotion feeling sensation, falling in “love” (romance), a chemical release feeling sensation (sometimes real, sometimes a trick in brain). We are using 1 word to describe many different things. A far range of use has diluted a true meaning for the word. I have noticed that some people may be very attached to a particular definition of “love” and refuse any critical analysis of the word for the psychological reason of satisfying a “need” they are having fulfilled. It is as though the word “love” is now “sacred”, and no one can dare define it or tell you what it is, which is what some people try to say about the concept of “god”. These are both words used to mind control so many consciousnesses. They are ideas in the mind, concepts that have been fed, sold and bought into by people. That is a spell. Words and their definitions and meaning are the basis for our ideas that we develop greater understanding through correspondence and pattern recognition.

Why obfuscate a word to such an extent? It seems that ”love” as the ideal everyone wants to seek, but have so many definitions for, is being used as a manipulative tool upon the consciousness of people who grow up in our society, watch TV and movies, read magazines and books, listen to music, etc. It has become another manipulated word-obfuscation to create a spell on the mind to alter our understanding of the word. From our understanding of a concept from many sources and repetition being inculcated it into us we develop behavior that correlates with this concept of “love” we are given. Changing our understanding for words that are used as the basis for conceptualization and ideas will change corresponding relationships and overall holistic understanding.

The media puts out ideas of love as teenage happily ever after “love” stories, adult romances and lust, developing a princess-complex meme to infect young women with, having ideas of perfection that are not realistic, etc. “Loving” a product was developed to have people consume. Celebrities are now “loved” as the new “gods” of entertainment and distraction, hero worship, idolization, etc. All of these false ideas for “love” creates unrealistic expectations in relationships.

Thomas Sheridan points out that much of the concept of romantic love actually comes from the Bronte sisters who invented modern romantic ideas. They were 3 daughters of a Presbyterian minister, so already they had limitations on the concept of romance, and concocted in their own little worlds a neurosis of what romance was supposed to be, and this became the norm that others bought into, believe in, and accepted. Previously, people would get married out of necessity. Romance didn’t really exist; you would do what you’re told to do by family or the community. Anyone who breaks from the norm of society or family is usually attacked, engaged into rituals, or even killed by society because they broke from the norm, because the culture does not tolerate it. This is particularly true in strict cultures like extremist religions. “Love” would be seen by society as something that is very dangerous. You can’t have people randomly falling in “love” with whoever they want because that could damage the structure and integrity of society. People are made afraid to run away, afraid to “love” someone else. The man who is supposed to accept an arranged marriage in order for two regions to ally, or other reasons of social success, was no permitted to fall in love. Parents and society controlled everything.

We need to regulate our emotions, be an adult, and not let them rule us. A perfect spouse, perfect house, perfect car, are all too many expectations that are not being met and then people crash from failure to attain these things that gave them temporary sensational pleasure fixes. They are constantly trying to get a fix of chemicals, this false happiness. They try to get this from everything.


Chemical Sensations

Those who strive off of the emotional states they identify with “love” eventually have the thrill diminished because it’s not meant to last. The neurochemical release of dopamine is an evolutionary imperative for survival by procreation and continuation of the genetic pool. It did its job, and then it’s gone. We have a chemical sensation from dopamine when we are in a state of “falling in love”, getting complimented by someone, and eating chocolate (makes us “feel-good”). They are all chemical tricks to subvert a capacity to recognize what is right, good and true. To “fall in love” with the wrong person because you are led by chemical releases and sensations in your body. Become fooled and infatuated by someone who compliments you because you are immersed in “feelings” to direct you. Eat something because your body says it makes you “feel-good”, or because it “tastes good”. It is sensory pleasure seeking, and therefore pleasure seeking has control over our life. See Illusions of the 5 senses.

Dopamine is a chemical release in the brain that induces feelings of pleasure. They are temporary and not supposed to last. Immersion into this state of sensation becomes an attachment and “need” for them, whereby it is sought after and desired in someones life as a source of meaning and comfort. It is an addiction. Rather than face discomfort and Truth, they remain attached to delusional platitudes that appease their self-image and self-concept to “feel-good” about their current condition, actions and behaviors. They engage in ignorance of what inhibits the “feel-good” sensation or self-assessment, i.e. they ignore the Truth that hurts, that makes you face yourself.



Infatuation is an attraction at some level that is not based on truth of any significance, but a deceptive feeling summoned as a result of mind control. Infatuate comes from the Latin infatuat, meaning to be “made foolish”, “made a fool of”. Many people associate infatuation with “love”. Infatuation is the result of a chemical trick in your body released from the limbic system, to attract to you someone you find appealing, someone who is an ideal mate for perpetuation of your genetics and survival. The trick of the chemicals is there to create an attraction in order for procreation, spreading your DNA, etc. Some people are together that shouldn’t be, but still are, because they are being ruled by sensations, feeling and emotions, and do not understand how they are being manifested and created in the first place.

Infatuation is used as a mind control tool through compliments, praise and flattery. These are very powerful tools to influence and manipulate people. Thomas Sheridan calls this “love bombing”, and I agree with that great term. Telling people they are wonderful, great and perfect no matter what they do, shuts off their critical thinking and develops a level of endearment or infatuation for the person delivering the message or in the belief itself. The person often “falls” for the one doing the praising, either “in love” romantically, or “falling” for what someone is selling. People buy into bullshit because they want to believe it, it makes them “feel-good.”

Either way, it is a con job. You are being conned, tricked, duped, bamboozled, hoodwinked, screwed, deceived, manipulated and fooled. This is the infatuation, being made a fool of. Someone is selling you something you want to buy! You want to buy into praise, compliments and flattery; it boosts your self-esteem, self-image and self-concept you have created that is your ego-personality-identity construct. It makes you feel-good. That is the most important aspect. “Feeling good” about yourself, your self-image, thinking you are “good”, is what seems to drive most people into their worldview and belief acceptance. Those who can influence people through emotions, feelings and sensations of compliments, flattery and praise have inculcated memes into many minds as a mind virus. The understanding of what is being done slips by conscious awareness, critical thinking, asking questions, thinking things through and coming to accurate conclusions. The limbic neurochemical effect is overriding the neocortical higher order functionality.

A cult functions in the same way. “Love bombing” the followers into providing the “needs” they are missing in their lives. Providing attention, promises of fulfillment of some kind, praise, compliments, flattery, etc. We develop cults of personality in our own “truther” groups. This is the basis for “gurus.” People follow one person and accept everything they say as gospel. People uncritically and unquestioningly accept the “spiritual gurus” beliefs because they are selling what people want to hear.

Now with the New Age beliefs it’s even more “feel-good” manipulation, and memes about 5D, hyper-dimensional ascension, soul hierarchies, spirit this or that, “balance” and other buzz words, circular reasoning, glitter talk, rosy colored glasses, avoid the negative, on and one with more bullshit to feel “special” and “good” about ourselves. If you want to conceive of 5D and other dimensions, fine, but get out of living in the clouds and get grounded and engage the reality of right-action necessary in the world to produce freedom and peace. These beliefs are like a cult, an imaginal mental cult, to construct a belief system in your mind to make you “feel-good” about whatever you want, to allow you to believe whatever you want. Whatever problems or insecurities you have, this person or belief seems to fix you up, and “clear” all the “baggage” and make you “spiritual” and “feel-good”. This is being made foolish because of a feeling that is being summoned. This is magic again. Spells of words are manipulating you into summoning your inner energy of feelings to influence your decision making ability and lead you down a potential false path.

It’s a system of mind viruses that infect people towards living in a delusional fantasy reality of illusions, beliefs, wishes, wants, desires, intents, etc. Not the real work of learning, of seeking and discovering truth, letting go of attachment to illusions that make us “feel-good” about ourselves (our ego), and really getting grounded in reality of Truth before we go floating off into the clouds of possibilities.


Codependency is often regarded as “love”. If you are codependent in a relationship, you feel that if the person leaves you or they die, you will kind of die as well or you won’t be able to survive. Codependency exists in its largest form as ego-personality-identity attachment to government and corporations. Children are codependent on their parents, but that is the way things work for children. At a certain age you no longer need codependents. Healthy adults should not be codependent. A normal healthy person should be independent. Codependency in relationships reflects our codependency to society as a control system over our ability to survive that we come to believe we need. Unconditional “love” is only healthy for a parent to have towards their child because the child is dependent on them for survival. Conditional “love” is the healthy one, but it can also be taken to the extreme. This extreme is “loving” someone as long as they don’t put on any weight, remain pretty, don’t lose hair, etc. “Loving” them as long as they don’t change is not true care/”love” for that person. Codependency is not part of a healthy relationship. If someone does you wrong there is no foolishness of being required to “love” or care for them unconditionally. Right is right, wrong is wrong, harming others is wrong. Taking personal responsibility for our actions is required. Actions then need to be taken to admit wrong. That is part of real forgiveness.

Thomas Sheridan points out the phrase “you complete me,” from Jerry McGuire, is the insanity of codependency. It demonstrates the magic spell the word “love” has upon us and its association to negative modalities of being. People associate that scene with tremendous positive “love” and “it’s so great!” Some people don’t want their fantasy shattered and will not like hearing this.

If someone says “you complete me,” they are either saying:
– they are broke and damaged and your job is now to fix them
– they are putting a guilt trip on you to feel sorry and take care of them

“You complete me.” means “I’m a failure, and your job is to make me less of a failure to take care of me since I can’t take care of myself.”

This makes you a slave. It’s a trap to get a free life. Someone guilts the other person into staying with them. The need to have someone in your life to complete you begins in childhood from poor parenting or neglect of various kinds and of varying degrees. We all have varying degrees of abandonment  issues that manifest in our ego-personality-identity constructs in the lives we lead. They can be healed if we face them and choose to change our ways.


Love Represents Good

The above was a breakdown on man’s sensational attribution to “love” in the various aspects of what we feel. The word “love” currently has many definitions, is diluted to the point of being used in place of the word “like”, and yet is a word given much value and importance. Care and affection are the words that most accurately reflect the healthiest kind of “love” that people engage in, the “love” in friendships, family and partners. An affection and care for others that you have come to know and have identified with on common ground. This is “storge” (6 loves) and also “philia” (4 loves) from the love types.

Here is the etymology to show you the validity of this conclusion:
Old English lufu “love, affection, friendliness,”
The Germanic words are from PIE *leubh- “to care, desire, love”

That is what “storge” is, friendship, affection, i.e. care. Storge or care is the closest our common use of “love” comes to and is actually the word we should be using most of the time.

Why is “love” being used when other words are more specific to what we are trying to give meaning to? We like and prefer to represent what we like, what we admire, and think of as “good”, as being representable by the word “love”. Care is good, affection is good, etc. All the things we use “love” for are in reference to things we view or deem as “good” for us. Not being alone, having someone in your life, having sex regularly, these are all things we view as “good” even if they may be an attachment upon which we base fulfillment of some “need” we desire. We don’t want to be alone or Fear being alone or get depressed when we are alone. We want to have a partner in our lives to have some purpose, meaning, attachment, significance, etc. We want a partner because we want to feel wanted, appreciated, “loved”, cared for, the pleasure of company, sex, etc. So again, we see these things as “good” for us, they fulfill our unsatisfied “needs”, and therefore we associate them with “love”.

We think of “love” as everything that is “good”. Everything good is only achievable with Truth, not lies. People consider “love” to be the uniting force, this can be true if you understand it accurately, but most people are thinking of the compromising “love” that cares not for Truth, that sacrifices Truth, and often spits in its face. This is “love” that prevents people from speaking hard-to-face, harsh or hurtful truths that people do not want to hear because this is a false “love” of feeling “happy” or “good” about yourself. allergic to bullshit, keep it real, truthThe truth can hurt, and lies can be oh so sweet and comforting. Truth is what actually unites, and lies divide. People who cannot face the truth and do not Care for Truth attempt to use dismissive fallacies to invalidate the point. These include labeling someone or something said as “judgment” or “judgmental”, labeling it as “divisive” since you dare tell someone that they are part of the problem and are talking or living out bullshit modalities of being. The bullshit needs to be called out in the world. We need more bullshit callers, not letting people get away with their bullshit ways of living based on lies, deceptions and illusions that create more direct and indirect harm that we partake in on a collective scale to continue to manifest our co-created suffering.

Think I’m off the charts yet? Do you need another source to validate the Truth spoken above?

Here is what Mark Passio has to say about calling out the bullshit people buy into (and he was saying this about that “Hard Truth” I will delve into at the end of this piece):

“If something you are doing is generating suffering then you should not be doing it. Thinking people cannot tell each other what they should and shouldn’t be doing is new age bunk, because it wounds their precious little ego so we can’t ever say anything true about what is being wrongly done because that would dare threaten someone else’s belief system and their ego reacts. Maybe the problem is that people aren’t speaking about the truth and what is right so then other people don’t see any reaction or blowback to anything they do so they continue a practice unabated because no one is calling them out on it. We are not calling each other out on bullshit. That is the problem. This new age notion that letting people do all the harm that they want and never bringing up the negative of the harm that they are doing, never calling them on the harm they are doing, is nonsense. Those teaching this are false spiritual teachers.”
– Mark Passio, WOEIH #122

Yes, if you know what that show is about, you know what that “Hard Truth” is that many people in the “truther” movement don’t want to face. I will get into it at the end because it is a huge part of Truth/Love that people refuse to accept and continue to lie to themselves about.

So, stop the bullshit and face the Truth.

Another dismissive tactic is to use the label “ego” because someone is daring to compare them, judge them, or is telling them something they don’t want to face about themselves and perceive it as an attack on their very concept of self and understanding of reality, etc. “Love” has become a buzz word used in pseudo-spiritual ways to appear all positive, “peaceful”, and “spiritually evolved”. Kindness is also not-mean-truth-hurtssynonymous with “love” for many people. This obfuscation of words is a perfect manipulative tool to dismiss those who speak truths someone does not want to hear by labeling them as “not being kind”, “not being nice”, “not being ‘loving’”, being “mean”, “hateful”, “cruel”, “judgmental”, etc. It is Emotional Mind Control because they can’t handle the contrast between the Truth spoken and their alignment with falsity, error, wrong, etc. The hassle factor plays a part, and we have people who do not want to be labeled in such a way and are in Fear of speaking the truth. It places a constriction on consciousness. Not thinking we have a right to speak up against wrongdoings and bullshit people are involved in is a mind virus of pacifism and death of the Sacred Masculine principle of action.

“”Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others.”
– Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Attachment to lies does not bring unity. Anyone who thinks true unity can be had with anything other than honesty and truth is lying to themselves. You can indeed have false unity based on commonality of lies being accepted amongst people. That is what we currently have. Look at the world around you, everyone is lying to everyone, no one dares to tell the truth because they don’t want to risk damaging their social interactions, “loyalties” and attachments. We need to survive, procreate and have a social standing, so we subsume ourselves into the system and become part of a cog in the machine. We have created an attempt at false unity by not seeking, discovering and learning the Truth, and therefore not speaking the Truth. This impetus sacrifices the Care for Truth in most cases because of the necessary involvement of time and energy to maintain survival in the system, along with the family development taking place and all the unnecessary distractions that permeate our cultures. To think that true unity can be had with anything other than Truth and honesty is folly and not based in a true understanding of how Natural Law manifestation operates. It is based in compromise, sacrifice, walking on egg shells, keeping-the-peace, etc. in order to maintain an illusion based in falsity. It is all a rejection of Truth because of Fear. True unity comes about when more and more truth is shared commonly amongst people. Common sense becomes common to everyone. Everyone develops true conscience. Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong and doesn’t try to invent rights from wrongs with excuses, justification, validations or other rationalizations. The more truth people that have a common understanding, the greater their common ground, unity and bond in a relationship will be. Truth unites. Lies divide.

ppl-hate-truth-truth-doesnt-careLies are what divide. Those who want to pretend like they are “spiritual” and tell other’s who speak truth that they are “divisive”, “egoic”, “judgmental”, etc., when confronted with hard to face Truth, are doing so because they are attached to false beliefs, lies, deceptions and illusions they base their ego-personality-identity construct upon and cannot let go of. Those who are attached to lies are the ones being divisive, they are the ones divided inside of themselves through non-unity, non-harmony, non-alignment, non-integration, non-coherence, non-congruence, opposition and conflict with what is right, good, true, moral, etc. But they do not understand this. When Truth is spoken, it contradicts their beliefs about themselves, their attachment to their current modality of living, cognitive dissonance kicks in and they need to maintain the sanctity of their beliefs, they must sustain the illusion they are attached to and base an aspect of their identity upon. It is viewed as an attack on them, on their sense of self, on their understanding of reality, and they cannot allow that to happen. Their ignorance, denial and refusal to accept Truth is what causes the divide. The only reason there is division is when Truth is not possessed, aligned with, united with, and embodied as a part of their being in what they do, their actions, behaviors, and how they live their lives.

When you get to understand this, you understand Truth brings “love”/Care. Truth is what brings Care, “love” and affection for others on a common ground and understanding. Truth brings real respect. The common ground based in lies, deceptions and illusions people have bought into and believe to be the truth is not true unity, but a false unity based in fantasy. People say “love unites!” Yes, “love” based in Truth, not “love” based in keeping quiet, silence to not offend, or as a false compassion, false kindness or false loyalty.

Do you think having “good” feelings internally or about yourself conceptually, or having a smile on your face, talking in calm tones, and ignoring wrongdoings, is representative of “love?” That it doesn’t matter what your choices and decisions result in, it doesn’t matter what harm is being done, as long as you “feel-good” about yourself then all is right with the world? Everything is perfect as long as you “feel-good” and tell yourself you are not engaging in harm, smile, talk nice. It doesn’t matter what you actually do, as if your actions, behaviors or habits don’t actually reflect your state of consciousness and degree of alignment with Truth. No, of course not, that would be “magic”, no one could possibly understand psychology enough to perceive that.

There is saying I made: the more you say, the more you do, the more I see of you. That is how I have lived much of my life. I have observed and been quiet. Ask anyone who knows me in real life, I am a quiet person that does not speak much. I observe what is going on around me and what other people are doing. I am speaking now that I have developed degrees of Truth that I understand to my core. Most of those that know me, unfortunately, have not begun or initiated themselves onto the spiritual journey and path towards Truth. I am silent and quiet to them because they do not respond well to being confronted with Truths they do not want to face. So they want me to shut up. They ignore what I say, don’t say anything, or revolt in “offense” and “insult.” So, quiet I am, observing as usual. The ignorance in the world comes from those who can’t face Truth.

If you think comforting lies, and placating other people’s delicate sensibilities is what is “loving” and “respectful” towards another person and being false “nice” overrides importance and Care for Truth, you don’t “get it” yet. The continued perpetuation of lies, deception and illusions we all buy into is not “love”, care, affection, kindness, or anything good. It is only maintenance and sustenance of existing social structures and emotional attachments that override your Care for Truth. If you truly “love”/Care for truth-piss-offpeople, you tell them the Truth when they expression their consciousness in ways that are based in Fear, ignorance, confusion, wrongdoing, immorality, etc. Bullshit needs to be called out or else it will perpetuate. We need to be calling people out on it. When people are incapable of hearing the Truth and react through negative ego-personality-identity manifestations, that’s them telling you to shut up because they can’t handle it. It’s ignoring Truth and ignoring you in the end, because they get mad at you and have a grudge against the messenger for attempting to shatter their false reality and help them align their perceptions with Truth. Care for Truth is a dangerous and solitary path in a world overcome by illusions and falsity. Truth is the path towards real freedom.

“And if I had to choose between those who never tell me my faults and those who tell them too rudely, I ought infinitely rather to prefer the harsh and rough truth to the mild and civil falsehood.”
– James Freeman Clarke

“My friends distress me who extol my vices as though they were virtues, and regard my thorns as roses. Where is that rude enemy who will tell me all my deformities?”
– Saadi, the Persian poet

“My friend helps me; my foe is also useful to me. The one shows me what I am able to be; the other, what I ought to be.”
– Schiller, the German poet

“I am a fortunate man; if I do anything wrong, I am sure to be told of it.”
– Confucius

“Collusive love is not really love at all — it is the willingness to sell your friend down the river in order to maintain your own popularity and to avoid conflict. In many cases, the tough love that would tell the truth is the real love.”
What it Really Means to be True to Someone You Love

“The world is sick because of shams, pretences, empty shows, forms which have nothing left in them but dead habit. Every age needs its prophets to rouse it from its deadly sleep in some dear, delightful falsehood.”
– James Freeman Clarke

recognize and stand with truthThen you understand that Truth does bring unity, and Truth brings greater care and affection, for many things around us. Care for other people, other animals, the planet, etc. The less Truth we have, the more lies we have, and the less we can unite based on Truth. Speaking the truth is based in Care/”love”, not to be “hateful” or “mean” as some view it. Truth is what is good. What is good is what we like to represent as “love”. Truth is good. Truth is right. Truth is unity. Truth is “love”/good. Truth is ”love”/Care. Care for Truth is unity. “Love” is Care, is Truth, is unity. We are getting closer to a deeper understanding of Love as a force, not a feeling.

“The preference for social acceptance over truth is a mortal danger to humanity and even to life on Earth. Let those of us who are willing to put truth first, to love it and accept it no matter the cost in terms of social ostracism and hatred from those who must live in their comfort zone, let us stand firm as the true upholders and protectors of humanity and of all life on our planet.”
– Peace Legacy

“Common to Luther, Socrates, and Jesus, is a loyalty to the truth which Being has revealed through and as their personal experience of life. Their love of truth is foremost; it overrides concern for freedom, even life itself. That love surrenders the ego and its preferences to the deepest perception of Being as they have come to know it.

… Life will present many of us with choosing between truth or losing face, friendship, reputation, or status.

Why choose truth? Our politicians from the left and the right demonstrate just how hard it is to choose truth instead of personal interest. They also demonstrate the cost of not choosing truth. Yet truth remains an optimizing orientation to Being. Said otherwise, truth (what is so) frees the ego from its identifications and orients to a deepening experience of the Mystery in which we all live and move and have our being.”
Love of Truth – A Skill of Authentic Living

“Truth-seeking requires that we grow beyond a sense of shame at discovering ourselves mistaken. We strive to replace this with acceptance or even pleasure that we can grow and that others can outgrow us.”

truth-hate-speechUnfortunately, others often don’t value Truth, and we often do sacrifice Truth in order to integrate into society and function with others. A slight stray from the norm at times in history has resulted in consequences against those deemed as “offenders” against the accept beliefs perceived to be axioms of truth.

“During times of universal deceit – telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
– George Orwell

“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those that speak it.”
– George Orwell


Truth is Love. Love is Truth.

The reason I had “love” in quotes before was because of its broad use in modern language how it shapes our perceptions of what is good, right and true. I will explain a deeper understanding of Love to modify the statement “Truth is Care/’love’” into becoming “Truth is Love” with a capital L. I want to distinguish between “love” as the feelings of care, affection, friendship, etc. and Love as a force that expands consciousness, compared to Fear as the force that contracts or constricts consciousness.

Love and Fear are the two fundamental essences, emanations or manifestations that underlie all emotional forces within us and are the primary causes or movers to all other emotional states and expressions of consciousness. Most people would agree that the underlying essence and creative force of what we perceive as uplifting, empowering, beneficial and good is “love”.

Normally the word Love is thought of as care, affection, desire, devotion, fondness, infatuation, etc. Imagine a different way of seeing it. Is that really all that is good, beneficial, empowering, uplifting? Love is not that limited definition we are so accustomed to using. Try to envision Love as the force that expands consciousness. Love, in this greater sense, is the force that magnifies, increases, grows, develops, and blossoms consciousness towards greater levels of awareness and comprehension of ourselves and the world we live in.

To understand more of reality, what ‘is’, Truth, is what allows us to expand our awareness of this reality and ourselves and therefore consciousness evolves and the force of Love/Truth is more profound. Fear constricts and contracts consciousness. Fear is the absence of what is true, what is reality, the force of Love. Fear exists from the choice to accept illusion, deception, manipulation, lies and ignore what ‘is’ reality, the truth. Fear puts consciousness in a grave.

The less aware we are of reality, the less of a developed consciousness we will have. An immediate image that comes to my mind is that of an infant who has yet to go through the necessary temporal-experiential conditioning that brings about an increase in awareness of the reality in which we are manifesting our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Babies don’t have a developed consciousness, they don’t have awareness of reality, awareness increases consciousness. We use our five senses to make sense of our reality. If our senses and perceptions deceive us then we will be building false foundational conceptions which we use as a basis for living our lives. Our experiences are influenced by our perceptions which are also influenced by conditions of our environment. False perceptions create false awareness. We can only increase our awareness effectively by perceiving reality as it truly is, getting at the truth. We do not increase our awareness effectively if we buy into and accept false conceptual frameworks upon which we base our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Only the truth of the reality in which we exist can lead us to increase our awareness and evolve consciousness. Hence, the Truth is Love. Love is Truth. Love as the expansive force of consciousness is Truth as the expensive force of consciousness. Love of Truth is the Truth of Love. Love embraces truth. Fear rejects truth. Truth unites. Lies divide. Embrace Truth. Care for Truth.

“Love, in its perfection, cannot help reaching out to improve others.”
– Dr Mohammad Iqbal

Embrace the Truth/Love, it will help you become a better version of yourself in line with values based on foundational principles.

I for one can attest to this power of Truth as Love and Love as Truth. When I first had my catalyst to begin to care, to revive my care from its unbegun, uninitiated deadened state, to care enough to become more aware of the world in which I lived in, it was the most alive I had ever felt in my life. Truth/Love are/is the greatest force. It’s the most uplifting and empowering force to align with. It brings goodness, rightness, morality, etc. This was (and still is) a process of admitting ignorance, admitting I was wrong, admitting I was fooled and deceived and manipulated and conned, and then seeking to alleviate those hindrances of my ignorance by gaining greater understanding of Truth through increasing my conscious awareness. This is a great journey, the quest for knowledge and understanding, the path towards greater attainment of Truth. This is the Great Work. It is what has given me the greatest meaning and joy. The “love” or true Care for Truth: caring and seeking it out. As I gain greater understanding and insights, I am overjoyed by having another revelation of truth in my grasp. Casting aside illusions, deceptions and lies is empowering.

Love is the expansive force of consciousness. Love is Truth. It is powerful to understand.

As we expand our consciousness through greater awareness of reality, what ‘is’, the Truth, the force of Love is ever more present and becomes more of a driving force to truly Care to become more aware and understand more of the Truth. We start to Care more about ourselves, our health, what we are doing to ourselves, what we are doing to other animate beings through our collective co-created suffering we self-impose, and how this affects others just as much as it does ourselves. We expand our identification to view not only our family, city, country, the people of the planet as important, but then also the other non-human animals we live amongst and share this Earth with. Our increased awareness and recognition of our similarities and differences can bring us closer towards comprehending these truths about embodying and becoming the qualities and values we say we want to uphold and live by.

Becoming more aware and expanding consciousness involves looking at ourselves and the world in truth and honesty without fear of what we find out. We have to recognize what our actions are doing, admit we are wrong, and take responsibility for what we are doing by changing our actions, instead of remaining in denial by creating justification, excuses, and rationalizations to remain attached to our illusions and defend our current behavioral conditioning and continue to “feel-good” about ourselves. Understanding Love as defined by these words and what they mean explains what this powerful force truly is. Love is Truth. Truth is Love. Love is the force that drives us and the force that increases in us when we are aligned with Truth, not falsehood; being responsible for our actions in self-governance, self-rulership, self-ownership, self-dominion, united in our three aspects of consciousness, not in internal opposition, conflict or confusion from contradictions, double think or cognitive dissonance we hold onto. Increasing consciousness through awareness of reality, Truth, what ‘is’, increases the force of Love and fuels us to even greater heights of understanding. It is a feedback loop as long as one stays on the path of the spiritual journey on the path of Truth/Love, doing the Great Work. We truly Care enough to seek the truth, reality, what ‘is’, becoming more aware of it, thereby evolving consciousness which increases the force of Love/Truth, this increase in the force of Love/Truth (which is greater consciousness) fuels us to Care to understand more about the reality within and without and continuing to feed itself to higher comprehension of the world and ourselves.

People want to object to this understanding because they want to believe that no matter what their actions speak about themselves, they want to continue to believe whatever they want in contradiction to how they actually are manifesting and living, to not take responsibility for their actions by avoiding admitting the truth about themselves. This is internal opposition, conflict, contradiction, non-integration, non-unification, non-coherence and division of the self. It is much easier to remain in denial and be comfortable and “feel-good” about one’s choices, decisions, actions, behaviors and habits. That way there is no need to admit our mistakes, admit we are doing wrong, and change anything about what we do since everything is fine and dandy in the lies and fantasy we tell ourselves. There is a psychological term for this called reality negotiation that I briefly wrote about. “Ye shall know them by their actions.” Actions speak louder than words. The more you say, the more you do, the more I see of you. Observation is powerful. If you claim to be a certain way, and you live in opposition to that, you are in internal opposition and not in unity consciousness. It is simple to understand.

The New Age and other pseudo-spiritual fluffy-puff mind-viruses allow people to believe contradictory things about themselves by engaging in double-think and cognitive dissonance to validate how they want to view themselves in contradiction to reality, what ‘is’, and Truth of their expressions of consciousness. Believing you are a “good” person that does no harm, is “pure-hearted”, follows your heart and feelings, promote love and light, non-violence and such, but yet engages in behavior that contradicts your beliefs about yourself, is not a balanced consciousness. It is internal contradiction and oppositional duality by not being in alignment with Truth/Love. It’s not Love, but a Fear based consciousness afraid to look at oneself honestly. To be united in oneself means to be in alignment with Truth, not the fantasy lies of comfort that validate our current behavior and condition of comfort.

“Love is not a feeling. It is a spiritual energy at its highest level. Love is pure creative energy at its highest level. Love expressed in human form actualizes your divine self.” – Barbara King

love-energy-expand-consciousness-creative-imagination-reach-higher-levelsThe illusory force that goes against Love seeks to do the opposite of expanding consciousness by closing down consciousness and restricting awareness. Fear is the compressive force that makes us not want to look, seek, become more aware, understand, Care, or act. Fear closes our eye’s, minds and hearts from looking into what really ‘is’ there, it prevents us from discovering the Truth we don’t want to face about ourselves and the reality around us. Fear strangles the blossoming flower of consciousness. Fear inhibits accurate conscious awareness and perceptual alignment with what is right, good, true, moral, Natural Law, true Self, higher Self, higher Will, etc. and prevents us from uniting, embodying and becoming that which we profess to be.

When you “love”/Care for Truth, recognize its value, and seek to embody truth, goodness, rightness, morality, Natural Law, Higher Self, Higher Will, Love, etc., this is part of the expansive force of Love/Truth. Love understood as the expansive force of consciousness is based in Truth. Truth brings us the force of Love. Love and Truth bring us true Care/“love” for other beings. Truth is Love. Love is Truth. Truth unites. Lies divide. Embrace Truth. Care for Truth.

“There is a place in us that loves to know the truth, that wants, values, and appreciates the truth. Only inquiry inspired by this love can serve the functions of activation and transformation. If we inquire out of love to know the truth, our inquiry will naturally disclose the truth that we love to know. We all need to inquire into our own hearts to see if there is a place in us that really loves to know the truth, where we love it enough to do whatever we can to inquire, to investigate. This loving to know the truth is nothing but the response of our Being to its own dynamism. The dynamism is revealing something new, and it manifests initially as the Soul’s interest in discovering the truth for its own sake.”
– Spacecruiser Inquiry, p. 54

“If we inquire into the energy of the optimizing force, we find that it is love. Love is a creative energy that disposes the dynamism to move in an optimizing way. This makes love the fuel of inquiry – and points to a very clear relationship between love and the revelation of truth: when we love the truth for its own sake, we truly love.”
– A. H. Almaas

“In the end, we return to the question, just how much do you love truth? Do you really love truth or are you just curious? Do you love it enough to rebuild your understanding to conform to a reality that doesn’t fit your current beliefs, and doesn’t feel 120% happy? Do you love truth enough to continue seeking even when it hurts, when it reveals aspects of yourself (or human society, or the universe) that are shocking, complex and disturbing, or humbling, glorious and amazing – or even, when truth is far beyond human mind itself? Just how much do we love truth? It’s a good question to ask ourselves, I think.”
– Scott Mandelker

True Care/“love” for Truth is about facing the beauty and horror, positive and negative, light and dark in the world and in ourselves. Care for Truth brings about the inner-work of facing our shadow, darkness, demons and negative. These are aspects of ourselves that we come to recognize do not suit us in a positive way (through Truth, expanding conscious awareness, evolving consciousness, etc.), and may indeed be causing us or other beings harm and perpetuating self-inflected suffering on a collective scale. Inner-work is that of facing the shadow, negative, wrong-doings and evil we consent to, support or participate in. We have shadow aspects to our being. The shadow is what we are currently being, but we try to deny, avoid, excuse, justify, etc. that we are being that way. We have to admit we are wrong, fooled, tricked, conned, hoodwinked, bamboozled, uninformed, duped, misled, deceived, manipulated, lied to and mind controlled into negative manifestations in reality. That is the hard work people do not want to be honest about and face with true self-respect, to look back at ourselves again and again in the mirror. It is facing what our expressions of consciousness manifest in reality. We are responsible for what we do, what actions we take, and the behaviors we consciously or unconsciously engage in. Truth is the only path to self-transformation. Transmuting, sublimating, purifying, healing, changing, correcting, optimizing, bettering, improving, evolving, embodying and becoming more of those values, foundational Principles of Truth and morality of Natural Law. Once we face ourselves in honesty and self-respect, we can develop the courage and willpower to change in alignment with what we recognize is right, good and true. This is embodying and becoming an aspect of truth, rightness, goodness, morality, Natural Law, and the values based on these foundational principles.

ego phoenix rebornOnce we face ourselves in full honesty and continued self-respect, recognize the wrong-doings we are a part of, we will develop the self-“love”/self-Care, to truly Care about changing ourselves for the better, evolving our consciousness and the manifestations we put out into the world we collectively co-create. The shadow inner-work is the phoenix burning up and dying. It is dying inside, in our inner being, that includes part of our ego-personality-identity construct. From those ashes, the phoenix is reborn a new. The ashes are the deconstruction, dissolution, disintegration and disassembly of all that we have as identification and association with our concept of self, all that we associate and identify as “who we are”, all the actions and behaviors we identify with, etc. This is the process of sublimation, transmutation, and purification. From the ashes, the phoenix is reconstituted, reconstructed, rebirthed, resurrected and rebuilt anew, changed, better and truth-destroy-liesimproved. The false beliefs in lies, deceptions and illusions we used as a basis for our identity-ego-personality construct have been shattered, destroyed and dissolved and not taken back into the reassembly of the new version of you. This removes the faulty structural components of our self-concept, self-image, and ego-personality-identity construct — the false beliefs, lies and illusions — to build something stronger grounded in Truth, Love, Good, Right, Natural Law, etc. We can continually do this, over and over. The ego-personality-identity construct for interaction in reality can be reconditioned and reprogrammed to align with our higher Self, Higher Will, Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law, what is right, good and true, etc. Recognize Truth as it is; see the truth about our actions and behaviors and what they actually manifest in reality, stop engaging in foolishness and change for the better towards the wisdom of right-action. This is a lot of continual work that many people only do part of and think that is enough.

“In the Gnostic Gospel, Jesus said that “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” If we bring forth the inner self we will save ourselves. This is all about self-respect, making a connection to the higher Self. If we don’t do this we will be doomed. We aren’t dealing with our inner self, our psychic garbage, the shadow self, the demon side of self, and it will come back to bite us. We have to deal with our own darkness and negativity, it cannot just be brushed off repeatedly and not dealt with, not looked at. This is what a lot of the New Age movement wants, never look at the negative as if that draws more to you.

The problem is people are not dealing with the negative that exists within them, and trying to transmute it into something more positive, to work with the shadow material and eventually integrate it so that it is not ruling. You can have it be there, but continuously be making a free will decision to conquer it, to better it, to be better than that shadow self, that lower self. We all have lower instincts of the lower mind, but we need to make a continual renewal within ourselves to be better than those lower instincts every day of our life so that we recognize they are there and not ignore them. The instincts are present but we do not let them rule us. Anyone saying that this is not important work to do is a deceiver, whether they know it or not.”
– Mark Passio, WOEIH #112

Anyone who wants to ignore, deny, avoid, dismiss, deflect, justify or excuse the wrongdoings and evil they are a part of, is also a deceiver, whether they know it or not. They are already deceiving themselves, and then they spew their bullshit onto others and expect them to buy into their lies, self-deceptions and self-delusions. No more bullshit!

truth destroy illusions, nietzscheThe ego-personality-identity construct is a conditioned program that is grafted or ingrained into us from childbirth by those who have had the same affects imposed on them: our parents and the rest of society. At some point, the unadulterated, unpoisoned, pure thinking was degraded by someone or some people adopting false concepts which later grew into more tendencies and ways of thinking, behaving and acting, which were rooted in an illusory mindset and perception. The programs and conditioning are clever lies to deceive, manipulate and lead away from Truth, Love, Good, etc., into negative ego manifestation and self-created suffering. These are the illusions that people are sold and buy into and become an ingrained mind-virus belief which leads them away from a more honest, truthful and integrated living experience. All of these constructs of false erroneous belief are based on deception and are therefore non-extant illusions at their core. Truth, Love, Good, Right, Natural Law, etc. is what truly is, while the lack of it is what results in the opposite polarity coming into manifestation through those who do not align with that ultimate force. Even if we are manifesting and creating them into reality, they are based on falsity, not truth, i.e. illusions. Lies fabricate and manufacture illusions to keep us enslaved. Truth is based on the reality of what ‘is’ and grants us freedom.

When we go within and do the inner-work on ourselves, bit-by-bit the attachment to the various aspects of the illusions we hold onto are released and we become more free. As we learn to sublimate and transmute our conditioned and false thoughts, beliefs, habits, behavior, actions, and desires, we become more free from these imposed illusions and our participation in the negative ego-personality-identity illusion is also lessened. It takes time, effort, dedication, persistence and renewal of the path chosen to maintain awareness of the falsity of these illusions and keep them from re-manifesting by our acceptance and belief in their existence. Being able to let go of these illusory attachments is based on our ability to perceive and recognize them first, to be aware of them. The more we are able to see within and without, the more we can let go of. The more we let go, the more we end up seeing. Each illusory veil hides greater understanding and when we drop a particular veil of illusion, we then see more uncovered in terms of the reality of what ‘is’, Truth, and also more veils are discovered and seen that we were unaware of previously. And so the journey progresses towards more revelation, toward the apocalypse of the reality within and without.


Embodying and Becoming Truth/Love in our World

By moving through each positive expression of the generative force of Love we arrive at the manifestation of Order or everything we recognize and experience as good. Truth/Love brings forward Freedom, Order, Peace, Harmony and Goodness. Love/Truth expands consciousness.

Contrarily, using the force of Fear to generate our experience through ignorance, confusion and attempting to externally control others is the current condition we have manifested known as chaos or evil. Fear contracts consciousness. Fear puts consciousness into a grave. This condition can be changed by helping people to understand Natural Law principles.

Natural-Law-Sovereignty-And-Survival_Page_052Using the positive generative polarity does not create any of the negative expressions. The ever expansive force of consciousness known as Love or Truth can only create positive expressions. Embodying Truth/Love and expanding conscious awareness does not foster ignorance. Developing knowledge does not create internal confusion. Becoming a Sovereign does not create external control. Living in freedom of anarchy and the personal responsibility of self-governance and self-rulership does not manifest as chaos in the world. Believing we are generating from the force of Love/Truth while we actually manifest ignorance, internal opposition and confusion, or attempt to impose external control on others is an indication that we are actually generating from the force of Fear which is a contraction of consciousness and limitation of knowledge and understanding. Desiring control, being in internal opposition and confusion with one’s self or the Truth, and willfully ignoring Truth are due to a lack of attaining certain truths that would bring one to an understanding of the importance of aligning with Truth and what manifests as a result. Employing a particular generative force will create the relative expressions with respect to that force, and not the opposite. These are polarized principles because they work in mutually exclusive ways.

This is how Natural Law and life function. Understanding this deeply will resonate with our core being and we will recognize the veracity of Natural Law and how it operates in our daily life to manifest the conditions we experience. This is the real Law of Attraction, not the “New Age” one as espoused in “The Secret” where you only have to imagine something and then it will manifest. That is not the way it works, but so many people have bought into the “New Age” feel-good, believe whatever you want deception. Actions and behaviors seem to fly out the window in terms of importance to those who want to deny their involvement in wrong and the bullshit that keeps us from going forward in evolving consciousness together. They want to play their little mind games, use some flawed foundational premises for “logical” conclusions and other absurdities that are not foundational principles of Truth by which to base right-action upon and live our lives according to.

Choosing to align ourselves with the expansive force of consciousness, which is Love and Truth, is how we manifest what is right, good, and true, which is what we should want to create instead of our current condition resulting from Fear, ignorance, confusion and control. Love embraces truth. Fear rejects truth. Evolving consciousness is embracing Truth and Caring for Truth. Increasing our conscious awareness expands our consciousness and our embodiment of Love/Truth. Truth leads to greater “love” and Care to expand and evolve consciousness through acquiring more Truth that continues to expand that force that feeds-back on itself to perpetually grow and evolve, as long as we have the will to do so and choose to remain in alignment with that force. The Kybalion expresses this work we can do in similar words as well, describing it in aspects of alchemical transmutation:

“And it is this fact that enables the Hermetist to transmute one mental state into another, along the lines of Polarization. Things belonging to different classes cannot be transmuted into each other, but things of the same class may be changed, that is, may have their polarity changed.
[…] And it will also be noticed that even to those unfamiliar with the Principle of Vibration, the Positive pole seems to be of a higher degree than the Negative, and readily dominates it. The tendency of Nature is in the direction of the dominant activity of the Positive pole.”
– The Kybalion

Note the “class” aspect that is mentioned, is what I am talking about in my Dualistic Conceptual Framework represented by the Frequency of Truth, Love, Good/etc. for understanding and navigating reality. Dualities are polarities. Class is what is being used as a basis for measurement, i.e. Truth, Good, Love, etc. There are varying degrees of the truth and less of the truth in the form of falsity, wrong, bad, fear, etc. We are the ones putting out the falsity, lies and illusions. We create it. It doesn’t naturally exist. Please read what I wrote about this framework to understand more of what I am talking about, and it will also create more correspondences and connections for a bigger-picture holistic understanding.

We have the choice to align with varying degrees of Love or Fear. This determines the quality of our collective shared experience as we co-create and manifest in reality through the totality of our actions, behaviors and ways of being of each individual. This is the real way we create our reality that we choose to live in, not the “New Age” notion that you yourself create your own world reality and can manifest whatever you want. Truth is always Truth no matter the false beliefs and perceptions someone has about what ‘is’ reality. Real eyes realize real lies. Aligning perceptions with reality is right, good and true, and expands consciousness, the force of Love/Truth/Good. Trying to be a “God” to force reality to conform to our erroneous belief constructs is false, wrong and leads to badness created by ourselves, such as the current collective condition of the beings living on our planet. We did it to ourselves.

We all experience and perceive reality in varying degrees of relative similarity and difference to identify and recognize what ‘is’, but at the core of it all is the same thing, the Truth, what ‘is’, reality, only, it is being viewed from different angles. This does not mean all perceptions are valid and true. We have two realities in our current manifested experience in the universe; the manifestation of the universe as it ‘is’, and that of conceptual frameworks and belief constructs to evaluate, asses, discern and judge what we are experiencing in that first reality that exists apart from us. Our way of perceiving the way we live and operate in the 3D physical reality is shaped by how we perceive ourselves and the external world and others. If we are manipulated into accepting and buying into lies and deceptions, then our way of looking at ourselves and the world will be altered from alignment with an accurate perception of reality as it truly ‘is’. We create illusions of fantasy to live in. This is some serious magic of mind control going on. Our course in life is then being guided by unseen hands manipulating our consciousness because we are ignorant of how we function and ignorant of the importance of aligning with Truth/Love and Natural Law principles.

The way that we can individually create our own reality is with relation to the 2nd reality, when we accept degrees of fantasy illusions based on deception and falsehood. That is called a reality bubble of living in a make-believe world of believing whatever we want or wish to be true. Solipsism is home to that modality of consciousness, and is not based in reality and the truth of what ‘is’. That is inventing our own reality that only we ourselves can break free from because only we are the ones who accept the beliefs that shape our way of perceiving things. These are self-imposed delusions. They are ultimately self-imposed chains that prevent us from facing the truth of reality, instead preferring to “feel-good” and comfortable about our current way of living based in deception. None of this changes the actual objective reality that exists. Alignment with reality is the key, not attempting to force reality to comply with our preconceived notions and concepts of how we want or wish things to be, but acting in the wisdom of right-action to manifest the change and betterment that can be.

Frequency of Truth, Love, Good

Frequency of Truth, Love, Good

Our task is to bring ourselves, our perceptions, into alignment with Truth, what ‘is’, reality. Having a high frequency of alignment, such as increasing the frequency of a small sound until it develops a proper tone, is to turn a low frequency into a proper tone with atonement. At-one-ment. At-one-mind. Uniting and reconciling ourselves with the Truth/Love, to be truly unified, harmonized, integrated, etc. with our true higher Self, higher Will, Natural Law, etc. Truth is the one thing, the essence that ‘is’ and permeates all, while the lack and absence of Truth/Love is lies, falsity, evil, fear, etc. In the frequency spectrum, the truth is the middle point in the oscillation of the wave as it goes up and down. The frequency wave is centered on Truth.

The truth is absolute. It is extreme. It is one way.


Frequency of Truth, Love, Good

Frequency of Truth, Love, Good

Ab (prefix): away from
Solute: a substance that must be dissolved in a solvent in order to create a solution.

Solve: release, unbind, untie, free, open
The solvent is to release, unbind, untie, free and open the mind from illusion, deceptions and lies.

A solution has a solid/solute and a solvent. The solute is the calcified solid substance that you are going to dissolve with a solvent to create a solution. If we are trying to dissolve a hard thing, the calcified beliefs of the hardheaded ego-personality-identity construct, then the solvent that is capable of dissolving the ego is Truth. The solvent is the acceptance, alignment and speaking of Truth/Love/Good and the refusal to accept evil and wrongdoings that we or others support, consent to and participate in. This is what dissolves the negative ego hold on our lives. Apophasis is saying no to harm, wrong, evil, etc. and also learning what something is by learning what it isn’t. It is recognizing that what we do doesn’t create peace, freedom, morality, etc., and therefore recognizing that what we do creates suffering and harm instead, and then having the courage and will to let go of the attachment to creating harm and not doing that harm anymore. The apophatic process is looking at the negative and admitting it in order to change for the better.


A Hard Truth – Can You Face Your Shadow with Honesty?

I have not encountered a Truth that is harder for people to face than this. People can accept the Truth about money, the government, our condition of indentured servitude and slavery, etc. but many people can’t face the hard, uncomfortable, harsh Truth of what they participate in, support, and consent to in all facets of life, action, behavior and being.

Many people cannot face their actions with full honesty in accurate alignment of their perceptions with the reality of what ‘is’, Truth. People think they have done the shadow work, and it is true they may have done some shadow work, but they have not gone far enough. They behave like tent-pitchers on the path of truth, thinking they have acquired enough and don’t need to continue on the path. These are tent-pitchers of the alignment with truth, tent-pitchers of doing the inner-work to embody the truth that is recognized and cared for so that we live by example, embody and become those truths and values we say we uphold.

I speak of those who come up with excuses and justifications to create, invent and fabricate wrongs into rights. I speak of those who believe our actions of wrong-doings and evil are limited to human animate beings alone. I speak of those who can’t face their consent, support and participation in the enslavement, exploitation, harm, suffering, violence or murder of other nonhuman animals, beings that have a form or degree of anima/animus, they are animate. I speak of those who create illusions of “logic” about plants equating to animals, imitating animal behavior, imitating cavemen behavior, and other fallacious constructs of comparison. They do this because they are desperately holding onto straws, straws they view as solid foundations or pillars of “proof” for them to hold onto, and as long as they can defend those single few positions, they can continue to conceive of themselves as being in the “right” when they are in the wrong in violation of Natural Law Morality. Their attachment to these few details that they spin and misconstrue in their mind is what prevents them from gaining holistic big-picture understanding of the issue. They can’t let go of the attachment on many levels. They believe in these fantasy constructs because they remain attached to lies, deceptions and illusions and cannot face themselves honestly to recognize and let go of them. This false “logic” inhibits perceptual alignment with Truth and greater holistic understanding of the accurate correspondence and correlation of reality. They are not using true logic because their data set, the information they conceive of as accurate knowledge, is a limited pool that negates foundational principles of Truth based in Natural Law Morality. It becomes a poisoned data pool.

mark-passio-input-stream-pool-dataIt works the same way that time and attention on quality information works to produce quality living and being in the world, as Mark Passio has depicted to the right. Divergence from foundational principles of Truth will lead one astray from accurate understanding. The data set or perceptions and vision being processed for understanding of reality is ignoring, denying and rejecting basic core foundations of Truth and therefore limits the construction of additional truthful conceptions because they are being built upon a faulty foundational understanding of reality. This creates a poisoned data pool. Our ways of living, of being, and our actions will be on a false path that diverges from core foundational principles of Truth. A data set provides for conclusions that are based on the data you accept and reject. When you reject foundational principles of Truth, or don’t know them, that is a limited and poisoned data set pool for you to base an understanding upon. The more quality conscious awareness of Truth and reality, the larger the quality “pure” data set is, and the more accurate your understanding will be about various things. Rejection of foundational principles of Truth based in Natural Law Morality will not provide you with accurate understanding of reality and will limit holistic bigger-picture understanding. Many left-brain imbalanced and right-brain imbalanced people have not accepted Natural Law for what it truly is and prefer to limit their perceptual alignment with Truth by negating, dismissing, deflecting, etc. the enslavement, exploitation, harm, violence or murder being carried out in their name against other animate sentient beings. The negation and rejection of Truth works for both left and right-brain imbalanced consciousness.

“The biggest threat to an animal is not the slaughter worker, nor the furrier, or vivisectionist – the biggest threat is You the consumer.”
– Lola Rayne

“Compassion is ethical intelligence: it is the capacity to make connections and the consequent urge to act to relieve the suffering of others.”
– Will Tuttle

You are the one paying for the enslavement, exploitation, harm, violence and/or murder. You are the one paying someone else to engage in an wrong-action instead of you engaging in that wrong-action. Want non-violence in the world? Want non-aggression in the world? Want peace? Want compassion? It starts by pointing the finger at yourself and looking at your life honestly to see how you are participating, supporting and consenting to harm, violence, enslavement, murder and what is wrong, bad, false, etc. Do you want what is right, good and true? Then stop creating the opposite. You have the power if you choose to take personal responsibility for yourself, your choices and actions. Purchasing something is a creative act, it creates what you purchase. Do you want to create truth, love, freedom, peace, or do you want to keep creating lies, fear, slavery, conflict? It might take some time, effort and energy to figure this out if you don’t already understand it, but if you want to understand you can, that is if you are being honest with yourself. The choice is yours. It is very empowering to change for what is right, good and true.

The power is not in the butcher, but in the hands of those who pay, through the creative active power that the false spiritual one-eye proxy of money has in our lives to have other humans create things for us. We pay for an action to take place. This is how all purchases work. In this case it is payment for enslavement, exploitation, harm, violence and/or murder. This is the deep truth people do not want to face because they are engaging in it. They cannot face themselves honestly in true self-respect. Their level of consciousness is self-descriptive by their own expressions of consciousness. All we have to do is recognize Truth and everything else reveals itself before us. People reveal themselves through their expressions of consciousness. Our only requirement is to perceive accurately, align perceptions with reality, Truth.

Many people lie to themselves about how “spiritual” they are, but they are only pseudo-spiritual, confused about things, lacking proper accurate knowledge to understand reality and themselves correctly, believing in “feel-good” illusions, etc. Many people think they are not participating in evil, they don’t have any faults, any problems that need correcting, everything is the way it should be, their life is “perfect”, etc. Many people think they are smart and “intelligent” while only using their intellect and limited data set for “logical” conclusions and not seeing the bigger picture, holding onto the certain specific “facts” to “prove” they are not engaged in any wrongdoing. Many people think they have done the work, and anyone telling them they are still participating in evil is “judgmental”, “egoic” and other defensive rationalizations to excuse, justify, defend, validate and uphold their attachment to lies, deceptions and illusions they live their life by, trying to fabricate wrongs into rights and have people believe it. Many people like to pretend they know what they are talking about, while they refuse to accept what they are party to because they have not gone deep enough and done enough work. There are many frauds, pretenders and self-delusional self-deceptive liars going around convinced that they are “spiritual.” Don’t fall for it.

People like to lie to themselves. Facing the truth is uncomfortable for many. Admitting wrong is very hard for some people to do. They will do anything but that, they will perform mental gymnastics, defensive rationalization, avoidance of the issue, denial, rejection, refusal to acknowledge, and simply plain old ignore what they do not want to admit to. This is cognitive dissonance. If you are not ready to truly align, embody and become greater aspects of Truth/Love, then at least be able to recognize the truth about your current manifestations of consciousness and how they either create wrong/harm or not. Ignorance, denial and refusal to admit the Truth is a refusal of the first and most important step of accepting the truth. It’s based in Fear of facing ourselves. So long as you do not acknowledge what you are responsible for through your actions, which includes the false proxy one-eye of money, then there is no possibility of changing. True freedom and peace cannot be built from the murder of innocents, cutting throats, bleeding out, cutting arms and legs off, packaging death for consumption as “food”, stealing what is theres as though their lives are ours to control, as though their property is not their own but belongs to us. It’s the mentality of “I want what you have! I am taking it!” This is not the foundation for peace or anything good. That is fantasy belief wishful thinking of having your cake and eating it too.

believe-something-true-and-never-look-any-furtherA violation of Natural Law cannot build true lasting goodness or rightness. The foundational core that we build upon must not have cracks, otherwise time, through Natural Law karma, will eventually reciprocate the violation back to us and the foundation will shatter and the house of cards will fall. This is what humanity is currently experiencing globally and it will continue to happen in the future as repetitive revolutions, revolving doors, because we are not doing the hard work, the Great Work of Caring for Truth, discovering, aligning, embodying, becoming the values, morals and foundational principles we know to be right, good and true. Nonviolence and nonaggression extends beyond the human species to the other animal species. We are part of the animal kingdom, animate, having degrees of anima or animus, we all move and are  not fixed onto the earth.

If you recognize this Truth about other animate beings, but are not ready to go all the way, OK, it can take time to develop the courage and will power to finally say “NO!” and do it. You can do it as a gradual reduction. The first step is recognizing that it is wrong. Don’t be so entrenched in the ego-personality-identity construct of attachment to lies, deceptions and illusions and respond with excuses and justifications to attempt fabricate a wrong into a “right.” I am not interested in arguing with anyone about their failure to recognize right from wrong if they aren’t willing to recognize it when I tell them or bother to look into it, taking the time, energy and effort necessary to dissolve the illusions we have bought into. It’s a waste of my time. You aren’t interested in the Truth, just in arguing and offended-lack-of-self-knowledgewinning debates to “prove” some deeply held onto pillar or foundational “fact” that you have built your rationalizations upon. There are people that don’t know about the details of Natural Law, the money system, government authority and enslavement, and many other things in the world, but they have managed to recognize and accept the Truth about the wrongdoings towards other living sentient animate life. They have recognized the good in not doing harm to them. They don’t even know the term Natural Law and they are more in alignment with it than many “truthers” are. That will be very hard for so many people to accept. The truth can hurt when you are not aligned with it, and you may get “offended” and “insulted.”

swears-offend-more-than-truthSome people hear or read one swear word, and take that as an opportunity to create a flawed fallacious pillar or foundation upon which to base their response of dismissal and negation to void any validity in what was said (at least that’s how it works in their mind). It is a blatant rejection of Truth by sidestepping the issue and targeting irrelevant information. Simply because someone “cussed.” This is right-brain imbalanced Emotional Mind Control. I know of someone “popular” on Facebook who acts this way and thinks they understand what Emotional Mind Control is because they read it or watched a video and shared it on their page. Completely lying to themselves. And they have quite a following of yuppies who lap up the bullshit and join in. No, you don’t understand it. Get over yourself in opposition to what is true, right, good, the true Self, and get over the denial of the wrongdoings you are engaged in.

“If someone corrects you, and you feel offended, then you have an ego problem.”
– Nouman Ali Khan

awaken-when-you-stop-agreeing-to-insults-against-yourselfInsult? Offense? People insult themselves. I only describe what they are doing. Observation and recognition of bullshit and not being afraid to speak it.

“The reason people awaken, is because they have finally stopped agreeing to things that insult their soul.”

Did the Truth someone spoke “insult” and “offend” you? Good! If you can’t think and be intellectually honest with yourself, then feel the bullshit you are a part of. Feel how you are offending yourself by your own actions. Feel the emotional compass telling you there is something wrong going on, and the something wrong is you! You don’t feel it normally because the conscious awareness of Truth that has brought you to a position of recognizing your own insult/offense was not in conscious awareness and was being ignored. When someone speaks the Truth to you, the conscious awareness about that Truth is brought forth, and then cognitive dissonance kicks in to kick the discomfort back to the curb and out of awareness so that you may continue to live your life believing whatever you want in contradiction, opposition and conflict with Truth/Love/Good.

Are hard truths “bashing” others? If something I say applied to someone, it is their own choice of theirs that has manifested what they create, not I. I don’t bash them, they bash themselves. I bring to the surface to truth-good-for-soulsee what others exemplify themselves through their choice of expressions of consciousness and the way they choose to live. It is bringing what is hidden from observation or understanding, to the light and exposing it. People judge themselves whether they want to face it or not, by their own words and their own actions. If no one was speaking Truth, I would not likely have realized the insults against myself — the True Self, higher Self, higher Will, Love, Good, Right, Truth, etc. — that I was creating and would not have chosen to stop being insulted and change, improve, better, sublimate, transmute, purify, etc. myself. If the truth someone said insulted me, good, it was about time I stopped lying to myself and faced reality. When a defensive response is engaged, it is a manifestation to potentially realize the need to took in the mirror honestly because you have been failing to do so.

seek-truth-awakeningWe have different levels of awakening. There are different veils of understanding that are reached when prerequisite foundational principles of Truth are understood and accepted. The inner-work is all about letting go of the illusions, lies, deceptions and bullshit we use as a basis to live our lives and engage in certain behaviors. The truth of our current condition, in all its beauty and horror, positive and negative, light and dark, must be accepted for what it ‘is’ before we can begin the alchemical process of transmutation. Accepting the current condition as not optimal, not correct, not good, not right, not true, is the only way to recognize the need for a change. Truth is the ultimate solution along with understanding how to apply it in our lives through the wisdom of right-action. Care for Truth has to reign. Self-transformation, the inner-work, happens in layers, in steps and cannot be done correctly unless prerequisite core foundational principles of Truth are recognized.

Eventually if you want to be honest with yourself, to actually be integrated, consistent, congruent, harmonious, united, non-oppositional, non-conflicting, etc. within yourself, your expression of consciousness and with the values you say you want to uphold, then you have to make a move and do it. The sooner the better. You will feel the change. As long as you do it for reasons of recognizing the truth, rightness, goodness of not participating in harm, enslavement, etc. of other nonhuman animate beings. Not for selfish “diet” reasons or “health” perceptions. 75% of people who do it for diet, health and personal reasons fail. “Dieters” often don’t have the motivation to persist in a Care for Truth and may not seek out the accurate knowledge of nutritional requirements. A foundation built on Truth has not been established, so constructions based on that foundation, or paths taken based in that course of action, will not likely succeed, unless they revise the blueprints and redo the foundation to be built upon universal principles of Truth.

Alignment of our perceptions with the Truth of this condition we are party to is the only way to do it. This is “veganism”. It is about “DO NO HARM”. Other animate beings have their own lives to live and are not your property, do not steal anything from them including their lives. It is really simple if you are honest with yourself. The next step is to embody Natural Law Morality of nonviolence, nonaggression and doing no harm “all the way”, not being a tent-pitcher. It is hard work letting go of the illusions and deceptions we have been conditioned into and have also bought into willingly. Failure to recognize animals as deserving to live their own lives and not being our property is a mind-virus poison of separation and disconnection with what they are as life, how they relate to us in many ways, and ultimately a separation and disconnection with what is true, right, good, moral, Natural Law, higher Self, higher Will, etc. This is why you go “vegan” because you understand this to your core. Not because of the health benefits of no longer being a graveyard for dead bodies, carcasses, corpses and cadavers. I will be getting deeply into the animal issue in the future. It’s huge and is a major part of our failure to align with Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law.

gandhi-no-god-higher-than-truthAll of this can seem harsh, cruel, mean, “judgmental”, “egoic”, and whatever other dismissive defensive rationalization you can come up with to not want to face the Truth. The truth is you insult and offend yourself, the True Self, Higher Self, Higher Will, Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law and what is right, good and true by your expressions of consciousness known as actions and behavior in what you create in the world, and you don’t even see it, you don’t “get it”. If you do get it, awesome! It brings me great joy when myself or others align with honest-right-friendsTruth. I am not here to make friends. I am here to Care for Truth. Some people will understand, and others won’t and will not like me, the messenger, for telling them things they do not want to here. So be it. I cannot placate, comfort, spoon feed and be worried about people’s delicate sensibilities founded on lack of self-knowledge and understanding who they are due to being attached to erroneous beliefs, lies, deceptions and illusions they have as a basis for their self-image, self-concept, etc. Do the work. Take the time, energy, effort, persistence and dedication to seek, discover and align with Truth.

“Being unwilling and unable to see, confront and take responsibility for the hidden ocean of horror that our most basic activity causes to those who are as sentient and vulnerable as we are, we have split ourselves into a schizophrenia of politeness and civility that lives uneasily with the remorseless cruelty that surfaces whenever we obtain or eat animal foods.

Choosing to be blind to what we are actually doing when we shop for, prepare, and eat food, we blind ourselves not only to the horror and suffering we are instigating and eating, but also to the beauty of the world around us.

This acquired inability to to actually see and appreciate the overwhelming loveliness of this earth allows us to ravage forests and oceans and systematically destroy the natural world.

Becoming insensitive to the beauty and luminosity of the creation that we oppress and from which we disconnect at every meal.

The desensitizing of millions of children and adults – on the massive scale that consuming millions of tortured animals daily requires – sows countless seeds of human violence, war, poverty, and despair. These outcomes are unavoidable, for we can never reap joy, peace, and freedom for ourselves while sowing the seeds of harming and enslaving others.

We may speak of love, kindness, freedom, and a gentler world, yet it is our actions, especially those that are habitually practiced, that determine what future outcomes we and others will experience.
The cycles of violence that have terrorized people both historically and today are rooted in the violence of our daily meals. Though animals cannot retaliate like other people can, our violence toward them retaliates against us.”
– Will Tuttle – World Peace Diet

Greater quality Truth, brings greater Care and appreciation for Truth, and this Truth brings evolution in consciousness and is an automatic expansion of the force of Love/Truth within us to varying degrees. The more we become consciously aware of what is true, right and good, the more we can align and embody it. True Care develops from recognizing the importance of Truth. As our consciousness expands, our connection to the force of Truth/Love increases in harmony and alignment, and we learn to identify with more life and go beyond the separation of family vs. race, species vs. other species. There are degrees of care, compassion, empathy or “love”, that we can embody and develop as we increase our conscious awareness and evolve consciousness. Those who express their consciousness as violating Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law are self-describing themselves and their current level of consciousness to those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear. It is simple. Care for Truth is undeveloped, conscience is undeveloped and the heart-center is undeveloped. All through our own choice to deny, refuse and reject Truth. We do it to ourselves. When we understand how this works, we see it.

mistakes-correction-fools-wisdomGet insulted, get offended, as though I have “no right” to tell anyone the bullshit they are living and the lack of development of certain aspects of their being. I can see past the self-deceptions, I see an aspect of the shadow that they don’t want to face, and I see some of the psychological mechanisms and causal factors (barriers to self-knowledge) that lead to their expressions in consciousness. I know this because it applies to anyone that manifests consciousness in certain ways. It’s the process of consciousness expressions. Certain results, expressions or effects can be traced back to causal root factors that are responsible for those specific manifestations. Knowledge of the functionality of the psyche is universally applicable across humanity because we all function in the same basic way at a core level. If we want to change our current condition, way of living and being, we can, but first we have to be honest with ourselves. This is all through conditioning and willful ignorance on our parts. We need to develop the Care for Truth, discover it, accept it, embrace it, and have the courage and will to embody and become it. Dissolving, shattering, destroying and transmuting, sublimating, purifying, healing, etc. our shadows, darkness, demons and negatives into the what is truly good for us is hard work, the Great Work of aligning and embodying Truth. It is a lifelong process that I am glad to be working on. I hope to see you on the spiritual journey and path towards greater attainment of Truth, and not have to deal with excuses and justification to sustain attachment to illusions. We must all do the work. Persist and dedicate ourselves to Truth and embodying it through the inner-work of dissolution of the shadow. We have to stop denying the shadow aspect that we are manifesting through our being, our expressions of consciousness, most specifically actions and behaviors. Time to wake up, open our eyes, and face ourselves in honestly. Stop bullshitting. Psychology is crucial to understand.


Care for Truth

truth, honesty virtueAs I understand things, my “one true divide” is Care for Truth. Caring for Truth enough to be able to face the truth with honesty and recognition of what it ‘is’, even if it hurts, is uncomfortable, is “mean”, “judgmental” and whatever else Emotional Mind Control may be preventing reception of a particular truth being provided to us. Care for Truth isn’t maintaining ignorance, avoidance, denial and rejection of Truth through attachment to excuses and justifications (fabricating a wrong into a “right”). As I said earlier, if we aren’t ready to fully align with and embody a particular aspect of Truth, OK, but at least we still Care for Truth enough to accept it as Truth. It will take some time, energy, effort, dedication, persistence and determination to progress up the steps/levels and remain there. The shadow can always crawl back into our behaviors and habits if we are not vigilant in the support, alignment, unity and embodiment of vitriolic Truth. We have to exemplify, become, embody and live by example through the values of Natural Law Morality we say we uphold.

As Mark Passio describes Vitriol in podcast #139:

V I T R I O L means in the alchemical teachings:
visita interiora terrae rectificando invenies occultum lapidem
Visit the interior of the earth and through rectification you will find the hidden stone.
By way of making this upright, rectifying, purifying, you will uncover the hidden stone.

This means you need to start looking at yourself, you need to look inwardly to understand what is really controlling things, what is really going on in the world as a direct result, an outward manifestation of what is taking place within each individual. The only way to really understand the causal factors of our experience and the external reality is to go within and there we will find that generative force.

Vitriol comes from the Latin to mean sulfate of iron or sulfuric acid

It means vicious or bitter criticism, acidic biting speech. Acidic speech is there to wear down the lie, it’s meant to show people that the lie is not something to be respected. Anybody who backs up the lie reinforces it.

truth-hurts-ignore-itDo you see how I speak? I do not speak to hate. I do not speak to divide and create problems. Those who are attached to lies and illusions are the dividers. I speak to destroy, shatter, dissolve, deconstruct, etc. the bullshit, lies, deceptions and illusions that create division people are so attached to and prevent them from aligning with what is right, good, true, moral, Natural Law, true Self, higher Self, higher Will, etc. Indeed, it is destroying their false sense of self, their ego-personality-identity construct that needs shadow work of transmutation, their perception of reality, worldview and their position in it. It is regarded as an attack on the person because they don’t understand themselves and what they are a part of, or who they are beyond the attachment to the current ego-personality-identity construct. They don’t understand the malleability, mutability and changeability of the ego-personality-identity construct and how it was already conditioned, manipulated, mind controlled, deceived, conned, duped, tricked, etc. into false, incorrect, wrong, immoral, bad, etc. behavioral mechanism, actions, and ways of living and being. We need to reprogram ourselves into not doing harm anymore by being consciously aware of the correspondences and interrelationships of sentient animate beings, i.e. the “class” of animal life.

Back to Caring for Truth. It is at least being able to honestly admit where you actually are in term of the level of harm you participate in, instead of maintaining a “feel-good”, comfortable, delusional self-image and self-concept that you are not actively supporting, consenting to and participating in enslavement, exploitation, harm, suffering, violence or murder of innocent sentient animate beings. I see those who engage in active denial, rejection, excuses and justifications about what is actually wrong and causing harm (or do so through the proxy of willful ignorance and avoidance of the issue when it is brought up), as spitting in the face of Truth. They don’t give a shit about Truth. They don’t have true Care developed for Truth. They are actively stomping on it’s face, spitting on it, because of their attachment to bullshit, lies, deceptions and illusions they associate with an aspect of their identity, being, etc.

“Willful ignorance in the presence of knowledge is the measure of a bad person.”
– Mark Passio

“Ignorance is the root cause of all evil. Since only knowledge eradicates ignorance, it is our duty and moral obligation to educate ourselves, as well as the masses around us.”
– Anonymous

Some people think they “care” for Truth, and think they are “really moral”, that they “really understand” or even “fully live” Natural Law, but their actions and behaviors directly contradict their self-perceptual claims. No one is perfect, but simply face the Truth and admitting wrong is what is required to develop initial Care for Truth. The initial Care is the recognition and realization that something is wrong and action is required to change things. If you participate in harm, recognize it. Then you work on developing more true yangming-know-and-not-doCare, courage and willpower to embody and become what you know to be right, good, moral, etc. by no longer choosing those wrong, bad, harmful or immoral actions and behaviors. If you know about the harm you participate in, and never do something about it, then you are not in wisdom of right-action and don’t really “know”, don’t really “get it” yet. At some point action is required. Care, courage and will need to be enacted and persisted in. Some people are so entrenched in negative ego identification with lies, that they are blind to see what they are actually doing in their lives. This is my pet peeve. The bullshit that comes out of their minds to express to others, and they just won’t let go of it. What a drain on time and energy that is. It goes in circles, round and round, all to support the fabrication of a wrong into a “right” (justification) in their minds, a spell that has been introduced into our social collectivist “consciousness” to put us into the predator mind virus. Core foundational principles of Truth are not fully understood. What we sow so shall we reap.

Non-support of slavery or masters is part of the Care for Truth, as are all percept-shifting foundational principles of Truth based in Natural Law Morality. As I have mentioned, if you are still participating in whatever form of enslavement, but know and want to stop, then at least you have the initial Care for Truth to recognize what wrongs and harm you are a part of, and are working to reduce, lessen and alleviate your participation in it because you can through a change in behavior. Rejection of that fact, of the need and requirement to change for the better, is ignorance, avoidance, denial, rejection and stomping on the face of Truth without a Care for it. It is Fear of change. That is why my “one true divide” as Care for Truth makes more sense to me.

Many people think they understand this “non-support of the master/slave dichotomy” as well but do not really; they are still expressing their consciousness in behavior that leads to enslavement and murder of innocent animate beings. Some people understand it, but have not come to a position of right-action to embody it in greater degrees of “fullness”. If you can’t embody it yet, that is one thing, but to deny and refuse it is another. Stop spurting bullshit justifications to try to fabricate a wrong into a right. Willful refusal to acknowledge what ‘is’ can’t even get you to a place of action and changing to embody it. Facing the truth in honesty and accepting it is required. Care for Truth is the “true divide” for me anyways. Can’t face the vitriol? I will not comfort your ignorance.

Where do you think human slavery comes from? On whom do you think slavery was first forced upon? Do you think the first violation was against another human? Do you think that the first time humans decided to force enslavement, exploitation, harm and violence onto another sentient animate being was on another human before a non-human?

“We must live in peace with nature and other animals, before we can live in peace with other people.”
– A.D. Williams

This is profound to understand. Tracing cruelty, violence and murder, the taking of innocent life, back in history, you realize the treatment towards humans could only occur after separation to others emerged and allowed that treatment to other animals. Then the acceptance of the negative behavior evolved into more separation, this time between humans, and the violence and harm done to other animals was applied to humans. Only when we live in peace and do no harm to the other sentient animate beings connected to us will we find peace. We can try to create peace through each of us adding up to a quantum effect whereby peace would result on the exterior for humans in some form or degree, but this will never happen as long as people are not “vegan.” As long as people participate, consent and support violence, enslavement or murder of other nonhuman animals, then we will not ever find inner peace. We will be forever in the predator mind-virus embodiment and being of violence, enslavement or murder, and peace cannot come through this modality of being and consciousness. It is anathema and mutually exclusive for peace to coexist with enslavement, violence or murder.

Here is further explanation about the first victims of the slavery predator mind-virus. The relative degrees of similarity and difference between various human animals, compared the relative degrees of similarity and difference between human animals and other nonhuman animals, is a self-evident recognition for me to know who were the first targets of the mind-virus of evil, wrong, harm, violence, etc. This is an infection of the mind, a poison and disease of separation that grows. It grew into more separation and disconnection. It was the dissociation of right-action conduct between human animals and nonhuman animals. We identified and cared most for those we were familiar with and attached to. Our “family”. Then the local community of people, if that. If there were other races, then races, if that. Then other sentient animate beings, if that. It follows that the first to have enslavement, exploitation, harm, violence or murder enforced on them was the other sentient animate beings because they have the greatest degree of difference compared to other humans that are more similar than other animals. More similarity is more identification, attachment and care. More difference is more separation and dissociation of identification and care for other sentient animate beings. If you have any intuitively logical conceptions that can contradict this, please let me know. To me it makes the most sense. Even if I wasn’t in history, I can understand the psychological mechanisms at play in identity and the disconnection, dissociation and separation of care. This is the root causal factor for our current enslavement, violence and murder we perpetuate against each other. Until we learn how this started and stop doing it across the board to all innocent sentient animate beings, we will NEVER have true peace.

So long as the mind-virus of immorality, enslavement, exploitation, harm, violence or murder continue to be supported, consent to, participated in, or perpetrated by us, then we are not embodying, exemplifying, becoming and living by the example of Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law. It is very simple once you connect the dots, correspondences and see the patterns.

Not Caring for Truth is demonstrated in the expressions of consciousness of not being willing to take the time, energy and effort to persist in the determination of seeking to discover Truth. But instead engaging in rejection, refusal, avoidance or denial of a Truth presented to you, rather than verifying if it is indeed accurate. Many people are indeed capable of recognizing the Truth when it is presented to them, and others need a bit more time, effort and energy to verify its accuracy. But they Care for Truth. They have taken the time, energy and effort to develop some real eyes to realize the real lies. They may not have been aware of a deeper understanding, or have connected all the dots, but when the Truth about a condition is presented, they are capable of having the eyes to see and the ears to hear, or at least look into it further on their own because they already do recognize an aspect Truth within it, a glimmer of light shines and is observed more carefully. That is Caring for Truth. Many people will recognize the veracity of a Truth, some may take time to accept it, while others will deny, avoid, defend, excuse, justify, dismiss, deflect, spin, change subject, etc. because they are not yet at a level of consciousness to comprehend it or face it. Truth takes time. It requires steps of prerequisite foundational core principles to be recognized and understood, then building onto them with more conscious awareness of enough aspects of Truth, in order to develop and grasp a holistic bigger-picture understanding of our reality and ourselves.




do-what-is-rightDo you want to placate, walk on eggshells, keep-the-peace, don’t make waves, don’t get hassled, don’t rock the boat, sugar coat and lie to someone to continue to make them feel comfortable and “good” about themselves (and maintain your relationship, attachment, “loyalty”, etc.) so they don’t have to change, do any work and face themselves and what they do? Or do you want to speak the truth, that may hurt or be uncomfortable due to their choice to deny Truth and align with lies, deceptions, illusions and bullshit? Do you want to help them face themselves to improve their lives and the lives of everyone else? If you didn’t care about someone, would you bother to try to help them by having them face the things they don’t want to face? Of course not, you would just let them wallow in ignorance, and not care. Once you understand the importance of Truth, letting people ignore the shadow aspects of themselves that are causing harm to other beings in what they do in daily life, is not Care/”love” for them or others. That is enabling them to perpetuate bullshit, lies, deceptions and illusions as manifestation of action and behavior to continue the collective self-inflicted suffering, harm, wrong, immorality, etc. that we co-create. We are not calling the bullshit out. That is not Care/”love”. Speak the Truth. The vitriolic force and impact that speaking Truth has, is to force people to look at themselves honestly, because the mirror of their actions and behaviors and what they are manifesting as a result is being put up to their face. They just need to open their eyes and look at themselves.

change-do-best-you-can-until-know-better-do-betterHow brave are we though? Do we have courage to do it? I need to develop more courage. I am not “all the way” there in speaking it and getting the truth out, I just started though. Doing something small, is better than doing nothing at all. I still have to develop capacities in me to be able to speak well publicly, I am working my way there. I have other issues to work on as well.

I have been almost “vegan” for 1.5 years, with a honey problem, so not 100% in what my creative active false one-eye proxy of money creates in terms of the harm I can choose to say “NO!” to and not be a part of. No more honey for 2 weeks now, wish me luck! My last thing to be consciously “full vegan” in my living choices and behavior was honey. I was not living up to what I knew I could be doing to make a difference towards not causing harm and suffering. Every action counts. Hopefully tea doesn’t temp me enough to backslide on the one thing and not fully align with the values and foundational principles of morality I know to be right, good and true. I have not been “vegan” because of the honey, but “vegetarian” yes, for 1.5 years. I don’t buy any animal flesh, liquid or solid, apart from the honey I did buy. Their property is not for us. And I knew it, but the low base consciousness to sacrifice and compromise Truth in favor of 5-sense illusions of taste-pleasure sensations attachment overrode what I knew to be right, good and true. It was an internal contradiction, opposition, conflict, non-integration, non-unity, etc. with Truth and what I knew I could do to reduce and lessen my participation in exploitation, harm and violation of rights of other sentient animate beings. Once we know better, we can and should do better. The wisdom of right-action. Until we do, we insult ourselves because we are in internal contradiction with Truth. That is the way Natural Law works. The point is to work on it once you know about it, with time, energy, effort, dedication, determination and persistence. It’s a reprogramming job to uninstall negative habitual programming/software and install new software that is inline and connects with what is right, good, true, moral, Natural Law, higher Self, higher Will, etc. That is evolution of consciousness.

Truth, Love, Good, Natural Law, Morality, True Self, Higher Self, Higher Will, Source, “God”, Spirit, All, Mind, etc. is a force. The greatest force there is. It is all the same once you see the correspondences, networks and interconnecting patterns of similarity and difference, a holistic understanding of how they relate (i.e. evolving consciousness, seeing the patterns and the corresponding interconnections). They may differ in various degrees of similarity and difference in their properties and characteristics, but they equate to the same thing in my understanding. They are of the same “class”, the same “plane.”

I will have to say that if you are against the principles in” veganism”, to do no harm to other sentient animate beings, then you are against a full exemplification and embodiment of Natural Law, higher Will, higher Self, Right, Good, Truth, Love, etc., and against the future those of us who Care the most want to human-sicknessbring forward. Those of us who know this know it as much as nonaggression and nonviolence towards other humans is the future we are all striving towards as well. A future of Truth/Love/Good, Freedom, Peace, Order, cannot be engaged in with enslavement, exploitation, harm, suffering, violence or murder of other sentient animate beings. Murder of innocent sentient animate beings that did no one any harm, cutting them open, bleeding out, ripping body parts off, packaging death, dead bodies, carcasses, cadavers and corpses, and if not that murder, then there is still the enslavement and exploitation of taking what is not yours. It is sick once your eyes open up to it.

Please correct me with your explanation if you know me to be wrong. I would enjoy responses from people who can understand what I am talking about. Please comment 🙂 Peace.



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