Good and Evil Confusion – Natural Law Causal Agents

Here is what some “New Agers” can come to accept as a conception of the universe, reality and “God”:

“The majority of the gigantic cosmos is organic light, and the residents live in relative goodness. The creator of the universe creates and presides over the organic structure and allows the false light constructs to exist. He/She is completely in control of this entire drama that we find ourselves in.”

There is truth and falsity encoded in this belief.



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The first sentence has some truth about goodness, but then they proceed to mix understandings. The creator created and then lets that which is set in motion, continue in motion. The creator set Laws to guide the evolution/change/growth of the construct/system.

The creator allows that which is created afterwards to exist. If Causal Agents choose to create evil, then their free will allows them to do so. The creator is not in control of evil or allowing it to exist because it allegedly controls everything. No. The creator “allows” evil to exist because the creator is not even in control to stop it. The creator is not in control of anything. This system was created, and then set in motion. It is out of his hands. It does not arbitrarily interfere. This is a false conception. We create evil, not some other force. We allow it continue, not some other force. We are in control of our own lives, not some other force. We either live right and get right, or we live wrong and get wrong. The other force is a Law that gives us back what we put out, Cause and Effect. It does not decide that evil must exist, or that evil is created by it. We do it all ourselves.

We, the Causal Agents, are the ones who can stop other Causal Agents. Those who act in violation of the Universal Cosmic Will, i.e. Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law, are going against the Will of Creation, which is not to allow evil as part of an alleged necessity as many falsely believe. We do not choose to incarnate to experience all good or evil, or everything as equal and of the same value. If anything, we choose to incarnate to put an End to Evil. The creator did not choose to create evil into existence.

Only confused minds, desperately grasping for a resolution to contradictions in their conceptual frameworks, come up with that excuse and justification. The creator allows anything. It does not expressly want or desire both spectrums of good and evil to be experienced. People fail to understand these distinctions. It allows us to go off-rail, and freely choose the Left-Hand Path, of Chaos, Eris, Isfet, and feel the consequences to our actions that violate Natural Law, Higher Will, Morality, Truth, etc. That is how we can, can potentially, not obligatory, but can, learn to willingly choose the Right-Hand Path of Order, Maat, Isis, Truth, Natural Law, Morality, Right, Good, Higher Will, Higher Self, True Self. We create evil. Suffering minds create evil. Us. Not “God”.

Man’s rule of law is only a fiction of the mind, an illusion many people believe in that they think keeps them safe while it actually keeps them enslaved. But the appearance of order we all accept as real is only available for the few privileged areas, while most people have man’s will ruling over them in a much more negative way. Our alignment with the Higher Will of Natural Law allows us to act as Natural Law Causal Agents and stop the violations against the Higher Will of Natural Law. We can all be Natural Law Causal Agents of Reciprocity.

Good and Evil Confusion