The Means Are The End

The end never justifies the means. The means are the end. The end is represented by the means.

In looking around us, nearly everything operates from this flawed axiom of the ends justifying the means to attain it. This is related to Substance vs. Appearances. Some justify the means because the end goal is all they are focused upon. They fail to understand that the goal is tied to the journey to get there. The meaning and purpose comes from fulfillment of the various achievements to reach a goal. These are the means, they have the meaning. It is not a coincidence that the means are called the means. The richness is in the actions taken that represent the achievement of the goal. The means are the substance that underlie the formal appearance that is produced as a result.

People want good crops, they want more money, so they justify using poisons and toxins in our food, in our environment, that then poisons our water and our survival. Man is the most idiotic species, with great power to do good, or great power to do evil, and is currently choosing the latter.

It starts with each of us, in our lives. Our false justifications are often the same as the false justifications used by the corporate polluters. Own up to the personal responsibility to engage in the Wisdom of Right-Action. Learn Natural Moral Law if you do not already know it, then live it.


Substance vs. Appearances

The Means Are The End