Failure to Realize & Actualize Truth & Morality

Do you feel frustrated with life? With our planets condition? With how we live? Or maybe you are frustrated but don’t know why, and try to find ways of relieving it but it never lasts?



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The inability to actualize, realize and live as an authentic human being in alignment with Truth and Morality internalizes as frustration and aggression. Concern and compassion for the suffering and wrongs done to others is superseded by a re-focusing on the self in order to neutralize the frustration and aggression that is engendered by the dissatisfaction with the system of civilization we live in. Our personal lives, our comfort, our convenience and our pleasure gratification become the focus in our lives. This helps to combat the fracture in perceptions of reality that conflict with our deep yearning for living in Truth, Morality, Freedom and Peace. This helps to mask, cloud and obfuscate the underlying suffering we are not fully consciously aware of, and prevents us from dealing with the root causal core foundational factors that continue to create our current condition.

Failure to identify the root cause of our frustration has us desperately grasping at anything we think will be able to alleviate this internal conflict. People are led into cul-de-sacs and other false-paths with the promise of relief, but they are only manipulative ploys of control. We desperately want to “do something” rather than “do nothing”, as the clever rhetoric goes. But this is the path of wasted time, energy, and effort, channeling all that energy into circular movements that go nowhere. As long as we buy the belief that they are useful, then we will continue to pore our time and energy into it, thinking we are “getting somewhere” by “doing something”. It’s just a big circular cycle, but our position on the board is so low that we can’t see the bigger picture. We cannot find the proper target for our frustration and end up going insane, accepting falsity as truth and truth as falsity, living in double-think cognitive dissonance to uphold the only thing we know about ourselves: our ego-personality-identity construct based on the lies of this system. We externalize our internal contradictions in our false ways of living, behavior and action. Our ability to be honest with ourselves fades away as we are overly attached to the false self-image we have been conditioned with, refusing to look in the mirror and see what is really there.

The system was cleverly engineered. Create a continual fracture, disconnect, disintegrity, disharmony, disunity and misalignment in people, between their current way of living and the authentic living in Truth and Morality that they cannot actualize and realize in life. This is done by conditioning people into a system of dependence in order to coerce them into conforming to the various false-images and false-self programs that are running. Maximal survivability in the system is ensured through maximum integration into the programs of the system. The less you integrate into the falsity of the system, the less you become co-dependent, the more independent you can become as a result. By comparison to systemic living, there is less convenience and comfort in life by taking up these personal responsibilities.

Greater integration ensures a greater attachment to the system. This increasingly ensures a conditioned automaton universal constructor that will perform its operations as an outcome-based unit of production, as a cog in the machine. This way everyone is living mere slight variations of false appearances, thinking they are “unique individuals”, while running the same structural programming, ensuring more of the same continues.

This is the Hamster Wheel of life. Life -> Survival -> Procreate -> Enjoy Life -> Death. Each generation repeats the same thing with small variations in the amount of comfort, convenience, pleasure and distractions they have in their lives. These appearances are required to keep people from looking at what really matters. Keep looking and enjoying all the distractions before you, and live exactly the life of distractions that “they” want you to live so that their agenda can move forward, gradually, as has been the case for centuries. With everyone out for themselves, or their close ones, trying to relieve the stress, discomfort and frustration of living in our delusional world, with little to no care for others suffering, no wonder we can’t get anywhere. “Only me and my family matter, above everyone else. Only ‘my freedom’ and ‘my truth’ matter, above the Truth itself.”

The only thing that can stop all of this is true, authentic, actualized, realized, individuated integration of ourselves with Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, etc. This is the purpose to Evolving Consciousness. The only way we get out of this is living the Way and Path of Truth/Morality. This is the whole purpose of the spiritual quest/journey on the path towards Truth. This is a deep need in our being that is not being fulfilled.

Failure to Realize & Actualize Truth & Morality