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‘America’s Frontline Doctors’ Site Shutdown by Host After Pro-HCQ Video Went Viral

Some buzz is stirring about a recent video of doctors uniting to support hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID-19. The video went viral on YouTube with over 17 million views within 8 hours according to Breitbart who hosted their livestream on Twitter. The YouTube link was being shared far and wide quickly, referenced in many pages online. But you won’t be able […]

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Fauci Opposes New Mask Studies for COVID on Grounds of Ethics

Mask studies have been done for decades. In the majority of the studies looking at influenza, the cloth and medical masks offer little protection. They do block some sneezing or coughing droplets from being expelled though, some. Some data has been collected for mask effectiveness with respect to SARS-CoV-2. N95 masks do better than cloth or medical masks. But medical […]

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More Bogus ‘COVID-19 Deaths’ in Florida with Gunshot and Parkinson’s Death Added to Count

Recently, there was a local news station investigating alleged COVID-19 deaths from a motorcycle accident. In that case, when investigative reporters asked range County Health Officer Dr. Raul Pino about two deaths and any underlying conditions, Pino responded: I don’t think so. I have to double-check. We were arguing, discussing, or trying to argue with the state. Not because of […]

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Revising UK COVID-19 Death Counts as Oxford Researchers Point to Huge Flaw in Counting Process

The UK government recently announced they were halting their daily COVId-19 death toll figures. Why would they do that? It seems their “counting” has bee over-exaggerated. Yes, those number that get use an ammunition by the media to spread fear into everyone, are not reflective of reality. SourceThe Department for Health and Social Care issued a statement last week on July 17 […]

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‘Propaganda War’ Turned HCQ Into Political Drug Says Yale Epidemiologist, Doctors Saving Lives Targeted by Medical Board

Another outspoken medical professional going against the grain of the official narrative of hate for hydroxychloroquine has come forth in support of HCQ. Yale Epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch spoke with Fox News to give his take on what is going on with HCQ and how it’s being bastardized by politics which isn’t based on facts. SourceIn his interview he stated […]

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