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Study Suggests 80% of People Allegedly Infected with COVID-19 Have No Antibodies, Were They Even Infected?

The media focuses on the seeming negative of more cases of COVID-19. But why is that a bad thing? It’s like focusing on how many people get the flu. So what? In fact, the more people are allegedly detected to have COVID-19, the more the fatality rate drops. SourceThe study, although this not passing through peer review, has numerous authors (23) […]

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Media and ‘Experts’ Approve Protesting ‘White Supremacy’, But Not Protesting COVID Lockdown

The media and scamdemic ‘experts’ are still busy spouting their double-think and expecting the obedient debt-slaves to do as their told. The media and experts still want people to stay apart, except if it’s to support the racial divide and unrest that serve the empower the state in the long run. The media and ‘experts’ support thousands protesting close together […]

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Rockefeller Authoritarian Lockdown Document from 2010 for World Pandemic Response

What if I told you there was a plan by rich and/or powerful organizations and individuals to shape the world as they see fit? That’s just standard when you think about it. Governments do that. If you look into Caroll Quigley, you will see that outside of government people and organizations/groups influence governments to pursue agenda they want enacted. The […]

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NSA’s ‘Contact Chaining’ for the Technocratic World Order

Edward Snowden broke open the secretive surveillance world that was underlying our societies. Three NSA whistleblowers have included declarations along with other evidence to prove the allegations of massive spying on Americans. NSA’s PRISM program was confirmed by the U.S. government in 2013 after Snowden blew the lid on the whole affair six years after it’s inception in 2007. SourceIn 2018, the NSA said […]

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Italy’s Deaths Counts Fueled Worldwide Fears, But Only 12% are Actually Coronavirus Deaths

What are the biggest influencing factors for the severe reaction to the novel coronavirus that lead to the lockdowns? The obvious one is the bad model from Neil Ferguson of Imperial College with it’s exaggerated predictions of millions dead in the US alone. SourceThis was a huge trigger to justify fearful reactions to COVID-19. When looking at events in the […]

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