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Rockefeller Authoritarian Lockdown Document from 2010 for World Pandemic Response

What if I told you there was a plan by rich and/or powerful organizations and individuals to shape the world as they see fit? That’s just standard when you think about it. Governments do that. If you look into Caroll Quigley, you will see that outside of government people and organizations/groups influence governments to pursue agenda they want enacted. The […]

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Violent Rioters vs. Real Protesters, Giving the Authorities More Power and Control

The recent protests developed from the continued police brutality and aggression. The case of George Floyd is yet again another police action that led to manslaughter. SourcePolice behavior needs to be held accountable, but it hardly ever is. Cops do something wrong, and they hardly get a slap on the wrist. The same would have happened to the pig who […]

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“You have NO RIGHT to NOT be Vaccinated”: Dershowitz, Madman Authoritarian

dershowitz vaccines

According to the popular establishment and pedo-connected lawyer Alan Dershowitz, you basically have no rights unless the government lets you have them. What’s more, is that this guy is considered a “scholar” in the field of United States constitutional law! What a pathetic joke! Source In the video at the bottom you can listen to the “noted civil libertarian” get asked by Jason […]

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AI ‘Criminal Prediction’ (Pre-Crime) Facial Recognition Developed in Latest Push for Techno Tyranny

ai precrime

Pre-crime AI seems to be all the rage lately, as another attempt to criminalize innocent people has been developed. This time by a team at Harrisburg University. Source Professors have developed AI “automated computer facial recognition software capable of predicting whether someone is likely going to be a criminal”. Yes, they said that in their own words in the official press release. Amazing […]

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Media Conditioning People To Accept a ‘New Normal’ Way of Life Post-Lockdown, No Return to Pre-COVID Life

Many of the current politicians, former politicians, and media anchors (and other talking heads), are often referring to the “new normal”. In some cases the “new normal” is referred to as the new way of life while we “deal” with COVID-19. That’s because the government has imposed measures that vary per country, measures that people must obey or else face […]

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YT ‘Memory Holes’ Doctors and Facts Contradicting ‘Authoritative’ COVID Narrative, Video Had +5,000,000 Views

These are the dark times we live in. Big tech is firmly grasping the minds of the masses, squeezing out information they don’t want people to think about. A recent video I posted about and uploaded myself received a lot of attention on YouTube, with over 5,000,000 views before it was taken down. It had two doctors from California (Accelerated Urgent Care […]

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It’s the Government, Not COVID, That’s Hurting Our Economic, Financial and Social Well-Being

Listen to the media, and you can sometimes (or often) hear the so-called “reporters”, their guests, or clips from government “officials” talk about the COVID-19 situation and relate it to the economy. What they often do is say that the virus is the reason for the negative outcomes we currently see in the economy, and our financial and social well-being. […]

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