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The False Appearance of ‘Good’ Prevents Action to Change for the Better

“Everything is good for me, nothing to worry about in society. I have my job. I have my house. I have my family. I have stability. It’s great! Everything is so good! Life is great!” “Issues in society? Not my problem!” “Injustice there? It doesn’t affect me, so what do I care?” “Everything looks GOOD. Everything looks RIGHT.” “All I […]

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Thought Crimes on the Rise! Is it Right or Acceptable to be Coerced into Using or Not Using Certain Words?

The social justice movement is becoming more of a joke than anything serious, and it’s lunacy is seeking to coerce people into using specific words to refer to people. Having an unauthorized thought or speaking words can get you in trouble. The Canadian socialist government controllers, cowardly as they are, might reach new lows for society as they tend to […]

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How Emotions Manipulate People Into Accepting or Rejecting Information

Someone once commented on a Facebook post of mine: “Research suggests that logical arguments and facts are not what drives change. What really matters is how we make others feel.” Emotions can lead us to accept or reject valid information. This is true. Most people want you to make them “feel-good” about themselves or what you’re talking about. What your […]

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Psychological ‘Vaccine’ to ‘Inoculate’ People from Accepting ‘FakeNews’

How do you vaccinate people against climate change misinformation? Tell them lies, according to psychologists from the University of Cambridge, Yale University and George Mason University. This idea comes from medicine and virology where exposing the body to a weakened version of the virus allows it to build a tolerance. The point is to tell lies and expose them as […]

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The Happiness Delusion

Happiness is a delusion? No, not necessarily, but it can be. Controversial title? Yes. What does controversy mean? Let’s start with this side topic before we get to the title of the post, as it is directly linked to it.Latin contra means “opposite, face-to-face, against”. Latin versus/versare means to “change or alter, to turn, turn back, be turned, convert, transform, […]

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Infatuated with Ideas and Beliefs

Ideas captivate our imagination. Ideas, concepts and beliefs are strewn with portraits, snapshots, paintings or film that consciousness creates to visualize them. We may think we are holding onto an idea, yet it’s often the ideas that have us in their grasp and we are shaped by them. Ideas captivate. They are light bulbs (bright idea) that attract us to […]

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