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Correcting Our Wrongs – True “Spirituality”

Humans are the worst species on this planet, if you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, to look into the “historical mirror” honestly. If you are blind to the horrors humans have committed against each other, against other animals and the general planetary ecosystem, then you need to raise your awareness. No change is possible without […]

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Evolving Consciousness

Consciousness is linked to conscious awareness. They can be defined as the same thing. Conscious awareness is linked to knowledge/understanding. Being aware of particular aspects of reality increase our conscious awareness of reality. Consciousness is linked to knowledge/understanding. Understanding leads to greater conscious awareness, hence an increase in consciousness. The quality knowledge and understanding of Truth is grasped, increasing conscious […]

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Judgments (New Age Confusion)

This is about what judgments really are. They are a tool for understanding reality. This relates to the Dualistic Conceptual Framework, which is an explanation on how to use judgments.   Audio:   Video of audio: Some people think judging is wrong, even though to judge that themselves, they are judging, which makes their conception, conclusions, and judgment a double-think […]

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