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Don’t Talk About Veganism?

So, you don’t talk about “veganism” much in discussing morality? You don’t think its at the root of evil in our society? The obvious slaughter and murder of over 50 billion land animals each year…no? Do you think that people will be able to stop harming each other fully without recognizing the obvious harm they are doing in the choice […]

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Unconscious and Unaware

When you are unaware of the wrong you engage in, when you are unaware of the immoral action you do, that means you are living unconsciously. You are unconsciously living out the program another has sold you. You are conditioned, running unconscious programming, thinking it is actually what you are supposed to be doing. Participation, support and consent in the […]

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Are People Really Growing Up and Maturing?

No wonder people are so attached to having fun, enjoyment, amusement, gratification and pleasure, that is how we train our children. This condition pervades into our developmental phases. Some people don’t want to grow up, and stay children. They remain stunted and stagnant in intellectual, emotional, psychological and spiritual maturity. They take on the self-governance to some degree and have […]

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Pseudo-Spiritual Justifications for Immoral Action

Some people believe in pseudo-spiritual ideas that inhibit their understanding. I speak of the “oneness” and “all is consciousness” conceptions. You can recognize the everything that is matter is made of energy and can be likened to the unseen “spiritual” aspect, so everything has an aspect of spirit or consciousness. Animals, plants and minerals. But, in their widening belief, many […]

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