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Infatuated and Blinded by the New, Novelty

We want beauty, not horror. We seek beauty as a representation of truth and goodness in nature, and in many misguided artificial attempts at creating so-called “beauty” in our attachment to the pleasure trap. Many people do not want to see reality as it is, to then empower themselves with accurate perceptions instead of remaining disempowered through illusions. Refusal to […]

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Stand in Truth

“As long as I’m not being murdered by police, or brutally beaten, or being stolen from by the state, then I don’t care.” People let evil continue until it comes knocking on their door, then they expect others to give a shit about them and their injustice when they didn’t give a shit about other people’s. When their is a […]

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We Judge, Offend and Insult Ourselves by our own Actions

We judge, offend and insult ourselves by our own actions. Awareness of this self-imposed behavior is necessary. Being shown the errors and wrongs of our current ways is a blessing to help us Evolve Consciousness. The darkness can be brought up to the light for conscious awareness to choose the Wisdom of Right-Action over the foolishness of wrong-action. We Judge, […]

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