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Where does the time go?

Where does the time go? That’s a common phrase we use to describe how fast things are moving in our lives. It can be relative to today, or a longer period, even a lifetime. But is time really going anywhere? Does time move, or do we move through it? SourceTime is a words used to describe our reality. We move […]

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Until we get it, we just don’t get it… truth takes time, I learned that reality

I talk about things. I tend to do a decent job of explaining them. Yes, more elaborate, in depth and precise explanations can be given. I’m referring to my original work that deals with deeper subject matter. Naturally, since I only briefly explain or define some aspects of reality, some people don’t understand. I can’t explain hours of prerequisite knowledge […]

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The Origin and Future of Economics – Time, Attention and the Attention Economy

The word economics is related to management. But management of what? Is it only concerning the management of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services? Or is there more to the word economics? Etymology Here are some etymological origins of the word economy: from Greek oikonomikos, oikonomia “household management” from oikos “house, abode, dwelling” + nomos “manage, custom, law, […]

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Wealth and Currency

Let’s setup some correspondences and see if they are valid: Wealth = time. Wealth gives you time. Currency = time. Currency gives you time. Why? With wealth in the normal sense, you have freedom of time to do other things than work for your survival. You don’t have to work the land for food, you have wealth by getting others […]

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Hard Questions

Do you understand reality? How much have you looked into things? Do you understand how the way we live is based in falsity? Do you recognize problems and evil in the world? Do you care to learn about these evils and problems? Do you care to remove evil? Do you care to learn and find out what causes evil? Do […]

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