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Genetically Modifying Humans to ‘Fight’ COVID-19, the Road to Transhumanism

reprogram cells covid

It seems like science fiction, but it’s not. Scientists are working on genetically modifying human beings in order to stop COVID-19 or other alleged viruses from infecting cells and leading to an illness. Source Reprogramming cells I would say it’s more like mad science. Sandia National Lab researchers are looking to create so-called “responsible programmability inside human cells.” Yes, that’s right, programming human cells. […]

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AI ‘Criminal Prediction’ (Pre-Crime) Facial Recognition Developed in Latest Push for Techno Tyranny

ai precrime

Pre-crime AI seems to be all the rage lately, as another attempt to criminalize innocent people has been developed. This time by a team at Harrisburg University. Source Professors have developed AI “automated computer facial recognition software capable of predicting whether someone is likely going to be a criminal”. Yes, they said that in their own words in the official press release. Amazing […]

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COVID-19 Scamdemic as Steroids for World Government/NWO Control Grid

The push for a globalized new world order under a world government is seeing increased exposure int he media as a result of the coronavirus artificially created fear-hype panic instituted by the mainstream media. James Corbett does a good job of showing some top figure-heads coming out with rhetoric to try to mold the perception of the masses to accept greater globalization, […]

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Civilization’s Vertical Affinity – Does Civilization Inevitably Need to Keep Building Up?

There is a commonality in many sci-fi films, where these futurist visions all have humanity building and progressing further upwards in order to deal with expanding populations, which resulted in the construction of super-mega cities compared to our current large cities. The 5th Element Traffic is everywhere, not just at ground level. Cars are at all levels of living in […]

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Learning About Self-Interest and Cooperation from AI Matrix Game Social Dilemmas

Putting an artificial intelligence agent in charge of complex facets of human life involves specific goals to be worked towards. What happens when there are multiple artificial intelligence agents within a larger system that are managing the economy, traffic and other environmental challenges and trying to meet each of their own specific goals? If I have the goal to do […]

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Is the World Reducing Consumption of Materials (Dematerialization)? Research Says No

Are we as humans taking more from planet Earth than it can sustain and replenish? When the quantity of materials required to produce something is reduced over time, this is called dematerialization. The above question is the main objective behind understanding dematerialization. sourceAs there is an increase in technical performance, there is a reduction in the need for material. Technology […]

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Life and Death, Immortality, and Fear. No Death = No Life.

There is currently a lot of desire and attraction towards transhumanism and immortality. It’s being portrayed as some wonderful thing. I don’t view it as such. They want to incorporate technological augmentation into their body, “justified” by their desires, wants, wishes and predilections to “improve” and “overcome” certain aspects of being human they view as “limitations”. They want to extend […]

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How is the Technological World Affecting Our Brains?

We live in an ever increasing technological world. In the past 50 years things have changed more rapidly for technological development than in the previous 100 years before that. How much has all of this technological development affected our brains and how we live in the modern age? Attention Attention spans are down. That seems to be the case the […]

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Automation bias – Cognitive Biases (Pt.6)

Automation bias is an over-reliance on automated aids and decision support systems. Trust and complacency develops. Erroneous automated information is favored even when accurate contradictory non-automated information is presented. A person becomes complacent of their own ability to discern reality because they rely too much on an automated system. Instead of being aware and vigilant to seek and process information, […]

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