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“You MUST Meditate!” LOL

Some ignorant people, who are imbalanced themselves, claim “you can’t become balanced unless you meditate”. Some people think that as long as you meditate, it automatically means you are balanced… like them, because they meditate… LOL. That would be like me saying that as long as you take an entheogen, you are balanced.  Each tool can be used to help […]

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Multiplication Through Division

R. Buckminster Fuller described the process of creation from THE ONE as follows. How do you get more things from ONE? You divide! To multiply, you must divide. Division from ONE creates multiplication. Multiplication through division. And to reduce back to ONE, you have to multiply to divide. Multiplication means to fold many times: – “from multiplex (genitive multiplicis) “having […]

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Conceptual Framework for Understanding Reality, Truth, Love, Good

My previous explanation of the continuum, spectrum, scale or degree of relation between aspects of universe or Truth may have been lacking in depth in order to understand how valuable it is to understand things. I will elaborate to give a more complete understanding. Understanding this framework concept helps to understand reality, higher Self, Natural Law, etc. If you already […]

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Intention is only important to get to the result of right action. As I wrote in the bottom right corner of the Trinity aspects of Consciousness diagram I made: “Cause and effect are central. Thought and Emotion alone get nothing done in the manifested reality, but are the foundations for right-action.” The road to hell is paved with good intentions. […]

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Solitude and Truth

This is about a personal moment, but I am willing to share to help bring realization to others, as all those before have done by speaking the truth. Maybe these understandings and affects (internal expressions) have already happened to you, and that is wonderful to know 🙂 Please let me know. — This started out as a contemplation about solitude, […]

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