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Family, Ownership and Slavery

Family, etymologically, means servant, slave. In order to make slaves feel “at home”, “welcome”, “loved” and “cared” for, the slave-master changes their treatment. They also used the mind control device of spells, cast through symbolic language magic. The slave is told they are part of the household now, included into the protection, which only means they are protected as property […]

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Order-Followers and Carnism

Order-followers are ignorant people who do not think for themselves. When an order-follower engages in evil, they think it’s good. Those who willfully engage in wrong-doings, in evil, are doing so with knowledge. People will usually think of police and military when imagining an order-follower. I was raised as an ignorant conformist to social norms, customs, traditions and behavioral acceptance. […]

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Plant Purpose

Plants grow, plants are alive. Plants are not animals. What is a meaning and purpose of plants we can come to understand? Plants are required for animal life to exist. Plants serve the purpose of sustaining animal life on the planet. That is what they are meant to do in order to provide a habitat for higher forms of life: […]

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