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Psychopaths and Murder of Animal Life

Psychopaths can be created through conditioning them to murder nonhuman animals first. Psychopaths cannot be created through the act of so-called “killing” plants. There is a world of difference between human-animal/nonhuman-animal identity, and animal/plant identity. Conditioning into devaluation of other nonhuman animals creates a disconnection to Natural Law and failure of accurately recognizing other animal’s consciousness and right to freedom […]

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Care for Self and Others

Statement: “Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it.” Person 1: “really? I don’t” Person 2: “This is about compassion, you can not have it for others if you can’t have it for yourself.” First of all, people don’t use words correctly and think they understand something. You can’t have compassion for yourself unless you […]

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Pseudo-Spiritual Justifications for Immoral Action

Some people believe in pseudo-spiritual ideas that inhibit their understanding. I speak of the “oneness” and “all is consciousness” conceptions. You can recognize the everything that is matter is made of energy and can be likened to the unseen “spiritual” aspect, so everything has an aspect of spirit or consciousness. Animals, plants and minerals. But, in their widening belief, many […]

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The Predator Mind-Virus (basic intro)

Let’s use some basic definitions to arrive at a logical conclusion. What is predation? (i.e. what a predator does as part of their way of living) Predation : In ecology, predation is a biological interaction where a predator (an organism that is hunting) feeds on its prey (the organism that is attacked).[1] Predators may or may not kill their prey […]

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Consciousness Connection Between Humans and Nonhuman Animals

Imagine your being or consciousness in another nonhuman animal. You would lose the vocal capability to communicate as you do, and your limbs would not enable you to create the things that you currently do. You would still be you, the same you, the same consciousness, but in a different body. Now, ask yourself, what rights do I have in […]

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Animals and Plants

Ask yourself honestly, if eating animals is healthy then a diet in only animal flesh would be the healthiest (like it is for carnivores).  This is evidently false for us herbivore/frugivore animal body types.  No one eats only animal flesh.  Clearly eating only meat is detrimental to health, otherwise you would be doing it. What about the opposite?  Eating only […]

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