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Perpetuating Wrong Through Feel-Good Attachment and Fear

People are convinced that perpetuating their own self-enslavement by voting masters to run aspects of their life, is a “good”, “moral” and “responsible” action. Trying to negate this reality with direct truth often creates the backfire effect where people reject the deeply contrasting and contradictory truth in favor of their attached falsities. They think they are good, especially doing action […]

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Belief and Disbelief

Belief is easier than disbelief. To remove the introduction of a concept requires effort, as it is more active than the passive assimilation of perceptual input, and the passive continual acceptance of retaining a concept. If you can easily explain away any confusion in reality, you most likely lack knowledge and have beliefs that forbid nothing, everything is resolvable by […]

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Apophatic, Negative, Deconstructive and Vitriolic Path to Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law

This is the apophatic way, wei wu wei, the negative path towards Truth and becoming. It is saying “NO”, stopping to do what is wrong, and more right can be embodied as a result. It is shattering, dissolving, destruction and deconstruction of falsity, lies, deceptions, illusions and bullshit. This is what Truth does, it tears down the barriers of consciousness […]

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