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Bio-Engineering Our Destruction, Mad Scientists Trying to Create Deadly Flu Virus, Funded by US Taxes

Governments have long been funding research into viruses. Some of projects work at making viruses more deadly, and they get approved for funding by governments like the US. This is insane when you get down to it. SourceWas this done for the coronavirus? We know that the US did work on coronavirus and funded the Wuhan P4 lab in China […]

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The Doomsday COVID-19 Model, Reason to Get Off the Corona-Phobia Bandwagon

At the start of the alleged crisis was a bad model predicting millions of dead in the US alone. This was the start of the fear-hype hysteria that was propagated in the mainstream media. It was responsible for influencing many government across the world to initiate draconian measures. This is the infamous Imperial College model led by Neil Ferguson. Or should I […]

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FTC Censors Doctor from Telling People He Successfully Treats COVID-19 with Natural Therapies Like Vitamin C

The purge of information about any treatment that helps people through the illness known as COVID-19 is ridiculous. YouTube is still censoring content that promotes Vitamin C as a therapy for treating COVID-19. The FBI raided clinics that provided Vitamin C treatment for COVID-19. One clinic was even giving free treatments. At a holistic medicine clinic in Michigan, doctors have […]

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Vaccines Are Totally Safe? Vaccine Makers Have Immunity for Vaccine Injuries, US Govt Pays Hundreds of Millions in Lawsuits Each Year

The public conception about vaccine safety is that vaccine are 100% safe. They think there that vaccines don’t have any safety issues. And if presented with evidence, many (if not most) will deny it in order to hold onto the fabled belief of vaccines being completely safe. Some people know there are safety issues with vaccines, yet still advocate for […]

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Experts from the US Senate Hearing on COVID-19 Destroy the Bullshit Lockdown, Isolation and Social Distancing

Last week there was the US Senate Hearing on COVID-19. A panel of experts were consulted to give their advice on the situation. The information and arguments provided by 4 of them speak volumes about the mismanagement of the government with regard to what is referred to as COVID-19.   Here are the main points made. Video below. Scott W. Atlas, […]

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Trump Defunding WHO for Parroting China; While US Government, Media & Big Tech Support China-Style Lockdown and Censorship

President Trump has written a letter to the WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus. In it, Trump says the WHO needs to make corrections or improvements to how they operate, or else funding will be completely cut. Source  Trump made the letter public in a Tweet yesterday: Trump first threatened to remove funding permanently by temporarily suspending funding on April 14. The permanent […]

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Governments Readying Forced Vaccinations Via ‘Public Health Emergency’

The topic of vaccination has steadily increased with respect to COVID-19. As with any virus, vaccines are touted as the go-to “solution”. Bill Gates has even called vaccines the “final solution” for what is known as COVID-19. Source  Vaccines to save us all Bill Gates first said vaccines were the only way way life would return to “normal” again. Until […]

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COVID Kidnappings Coming, State Hiring Workers for Child Quarantine Camps

covid quarantine children

The Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families is looking to hire people to take care of children in quarantine camps. No joke. They are preparing for COVID camps to place children in via state-sponsored kidnapping. This lucrative job opportunity was posted in the past few weeks. The listing ended on May 11. The DCYF Social Service Specialist 3 […]

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“You have NO RIGHT to NOT be Vaccinated”: Dershowitz, Madman Authoritarian

dershowitz vaccines

According to the popular establishment and pedo-connected lawyer Alan Dershowitz, you basically have no rights unless the government lets you have them. What’s more, is that this guy is considered a “scholar” in the field of United States constitutional law! What a pathetic joke! Source In the video at the bottom you can listen to the “noted civil libertarian” get asked by Jason […]

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