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Is the West ‘Dying’ from Lower Fertility Due to ‘Intelligence’?

Modern societies are built on flawed axioms for how to live. They require increasing populations to sustain welfare, social security and old age pensions. If a population doesn’t have ~2.1 children on average, then it begins to fall into population decline. Fertility matters to centralized authority planners in order to keep their economy propped up and growing. To keep going, […]

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Is the Mainstream Media Really Fair and Balanced?

Mainstream media and Wikipedia often try to emphasize an impartiality. They say they are “fair” and “balanced”. They say they “don’t pick sides”. Is that the case? Maybe sometimes. sourceWhat about the side of truth vs. falsity? They say, they are the “real news” while alternative media is not “real news”. Donald Trump is even pointing to the media and […]

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Changing Minds is Hard, Especially When Identity is Attached to a Belief

Presenting evidence or facts doesn’t always get accepted. We can dismiss evidence that contradicts our firmly held beliefs. There is even the backfire effect where we can dig into our belief and hold on tighter than before. source A new study shows that challenging political beliefs activates areas of the brain that govern personal identity and emotional responses to threats. […]

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Actors Putting on a Show

Actors are paid so much because they are the new storytellers, on screen. Before it was the stage actors that people paid to go see, the books that told stories, and the local storytellers that spoke narratives about reality and unreality. The politicians and priests are some of the original storytellers that spun tales to gain power. Actors control the […]

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