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Your Current Condition

You’re living as a false self. Your understanding of how to live has not been reflected upon and looked at carefully, but accepted blindly in trust and faith. You live within the standardized norms of acceptability that are provided from the hive mind consensus reality public consciousness that forms our understanding and justification for society, for our way of life. […]

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Survival with Technology

The scientific efficiency of production was able to provide more time for others things. Division of labor, compartmentalization, hierarchy, and co-dependence was further ingrained in our way of living. This conditioning was further deepened with the progression of the scientific efficiency in social sciences, i.e. social engineering through a scientific dictatorship. We were promised more time with this efficiency, and […]

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Dependence and Convenience

Dependence is convenient, less work. Independence is inconvenient, more work. People don’t want to lose their dependence. They are so attracted to getting things and having the comfort and convenience of modern life. For things to get back on track, this modern way of living will fall. If we do not choose to turn away from this devolved way of […]

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The System and Consumption

The system will never stop unless we make it stop. People go along to get along. More housing communities are being built, more malls are being built for those communities, etc. More products will be shipped in and sold. Why do people go along to get along? They are attached to the system and dependent on it for survival through […]

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