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Judgments and Reality

Much like how alchemy, the trivium, logic, and Natural Law are a part of life that we automatically engage in, so too is psychology, as our consciousness/psyche/mind/heart is part of our existence until we die. Now, all these tools for understanding and navigating reality and ourselves can be developed, unfortunately, most people do not seek to develop these tools and […]

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Interaction, Friendship, Relationships & Getting Along is Based on Ignorance for Most

We get along with people for the most part because we don’t confront people on their wrongs, errors, incorrectness, and false ways of living. That creates conflict, tension and controversy. Most people avoid this. They prefer to build relationships from ignorance of what other people do. Ignore it, and just focus on their “good”, right? Ignore it, and just focus […]

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Interacting with Others in Truth

We interact with others, despite the reality we are aware of compared to theirs. We can comfortably interact based on the components of reality they accept. When we have a dependence in our lives, trying to speak Truth can fracture the requirement we have, such as a job, that we are dependent on. We can try to push the envelope […]

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