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You’re WRONG About What You’re Doing, It Needs To STOP

From “True Forgiveness” (Mark Passio’s Street Wise Spirituality presentation 2014-05-31) http://whatonearthishappening.com/podcast Being Complicit in the Abuse-Victim Cycle Some previous posts I made about this topic: – https://evolveconsciousness.org/stand-in-truth/ – https://evolveconsciousness.org/standing-up-for-truth-and-morality-is-standing-up-for-yourself/

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Psychopaths and Murder of Animal Life

Psychopaths can be created through conditioning them to murder nonhuman animals first. Psychopaths cannot be created through the act of so-called “killing” plants. There is a world of difference between human-animal/nonhuman-animal identity, and animal/plant identity. Conditioning into devaluation of other nonhuman animals creates a disconnection to Natural Law and failure of accurately recognizing other animal’s consciousness and right to freedom […]

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Stand in Truth

“As long as I’m not being murdered by police, or brutally beaten, or being stolen from by the state, then I don’t care.” People let evil continue until it comes knocking on their door, then they expect others to give a shit about them and their injustice when they didn’t give a shit about other people’s. When their is a […]

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