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The Happiness Delusion

Happiness is a delusion? No, not necessarily, but it can be. Controversial title? Yes. What does controversy mean? Let’s start with this side topic before we get to the title of the post, as it is directly linked to it.Latin contra means “opposite, face-to-face, against”. Latin versus/versare means to “change or alter, to turn, turn back, be turned, convert, transform, […]

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Ignorantly Judging Moral Judgments as a Negative

Some people want to denounce those who judge morally, while judging themselves that to judge morally is some form of “negative” thing to do. They are — first of all — hypocrites, to judge in a non-moral aspect those who have valid judgments about morality. These people are also often infatuated with half-baked notions of “oneness” and “unity, through ignorance […]

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Delusions of “Goodness” in Immorality

People think they are “good” no matter what they do. Slavers thousands of years ago thought of themselves as good. Hitler thought of himself as good and doing what was right. When you do not accept the core foundational principles of Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, all you need to do is believe it is “right” and “good” […]

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