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Moral Right and Moral Relativism

Doing Right over Wrong, is our Response-Ability, which requires Awareness, through Perception/Conception, of Reality. Doing wrong over right usually means a lack of awareness of reality. We lack awareness of reality and have created inaccurate conceptions in our consciousness that allows us to validate our actions and behaviors. We are content doing what we do because that is the reality […]

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Attempts to Dismiss Wrong-Doings

When some people are confronted with the wrongs of their ways, of their false living, of their false self, they choose to reject the Truth in favor of maintaining their self-images, self-concepts and ego-personality-identity constructs. They tell others who speak the Truth and Morality that they are being “judgmental”, “unkind”, “offensive”, “self-righteous”, etc. The list of excuses, justifications, denials, deflections, […]

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An Easy Way to Understand How Non-Veganism is Psychopathic

I used to fish. I recall getting great joy from catching a fish, hooking its mouth, and taking its life for me to eat later. I had no Care for this immoral action. No conscious awareness of deeper reality, Truth and Morality. Imagine that. We have great joy from murdering another animal because they have something we want, so we […]

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