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“You MUST Meditate!” LOL

Some ignorant people, who are imbalanced themselves, claim “you can’t become balanced unless you meditate”. Some people think that as long as you meditate, it automatically means you are balanced… like them, because they meditate… LOL. That would be like me saying that as long as you take an entheogen, you are balanced.  Each tool can be used to help […]

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Left and Right-Brain Aversion to Judgments

Left-Brain Pseudo-Skepticism Those into left-brain dominance, may become rigid skeptics, and end up not choosing many things as right or wrong in this “skeptic” delusion. They may have an aversion to “value judgments” and invalidate any premise that uses such judgments. “Value judgments” are those based in morality, i.e. right and wrong. Morality is not objective to them, so all […]

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We Are Living “Their” Program of Life & Distractions, Preventing True Change

People do not seem to understand “they” (dark occultists, globalists, elites, etc.) want you to be focused on pleasure, enjoyment, gratification, amusement, joy, happiness, etc. When you focus your free time on personal pleasures, enjoyment or comfort, then you are not focusing your time, attention or energy on other things that can evolve your consciousness to understand reality accurately and […]

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