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Words, Reality and Proportions

If man has the capacity to be the most rational animal, even if we are not always the most rational animal, we can determine if it is accurate to say we are being rational by examining the word rational and what it means. Rationality deals with previous topics of existence, consciousness, knowledge, memory, etc. Video Audio Download .mp3: Words, Reality […]

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Truth is the Way

We are conditioned to connect on the commonality between individual personal appearances, preferences, desires, wants, interests, actions, occurrences, events and activities. We can also choose a higher interest in common, a higher form of connection to build relationships from. This is beyond the usual commonalities of the world. This is a hidden aspect that we all have in common, that […]

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When I say something is “brilliant”, it is “bright”, it is shining intense light of Truth onto the bullshit falsity and expelling it. Speaking the Truth casts aside the lies, just as a light shining into a dark room casts the darkness from its path, showing us the Way and Path to the Wisdom of Right-Action. Brilliance

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