Trivium Method of Thinking and Learning

The Trivium Method

is a recognized aspect of how consciousness processes reality. The basics are described as a 3-step process:

1. Grammar – Input – Knowledge
2. Logic – Processing – Understanding
3. Rhetoric – Output – Wisdom

This is a basic functionality of higher order consciousness that human animals possess. The degree of functionality in this Trivium Method of thinking and processing reality can be developed further. We walk these three paths in consciousness in order to live.

Causality, Consciousness, Natural Law and the Trivium Method



  • Taylor

    Hi, where is your bio located?

  • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

    A wealth of info to analyze here! The infographics would make great wall posters, especially in schools 🙂

    I am going back to learning the Trivium after many short lived attempts. In one of your Youtube videos I heard you mention that it isn’t necessary to begin with learning the Trivium with “Logical Fallacies”. It’s funny that you said that because a few months ago when I was trying to learn the Trivium again I actually started there! LOL.

    I just started reading The Trivium by Sister Miriam Joseph, a book I once discovered years ago and found great value in (though I never finished it). I had read in a study guide I saw years ago to only read part of it, I don’t remember why exactly. I speculate the implication was that the creator of this study guide deemed the rest of the book to be flawed.

    I was happy to find a direct link to the book the Trivium by Sister Miriam Joseph on your site as sometimes when I would try to read the book again it would be difficult to find online. (one day I plan to just get a tangible copy).

    Did you ever read that book in it’s entirety? If so, was it very helpful? Or did you find it to have a lot of flaws? (In some regards I expect it to have flaws being written by someone who was religious but that can just be my bias).

    Also, I saw a link to a Trivium Study Guide Version 2 on your site. Did you happen to follow that guide?

    I am at a point in my life in which I think it’s imperative to study this area thoroughly. I’ve been putting it off for too long already!

    • It’s a decent book on the Trivium, the only one I think really. I never read the last part on rhetoric. I think that might be the part that was less important or maybe flawed. I own the book myself, along with the Quadrivium book. The Trivium book has it’s religious leaning issues, but you can just filter through them. The Trivium study guide is a good one to read yes.

      • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

        Thanks for the input.

        I’m curious, about how much of the activities in the study guide would you say you completed? Did you do most or all of it or did you do more learning in your own way?

  • Thank you for your amazing works…! Have used them quite a lot over the last years… I have for example printed them out, and hung them all over the school I work at. 🙂
    Pls keep it up!!

  • Is it okay if I use your infographics in a informational video about Trivium? First in danish, then later in english… Will of course cite your name etc!

  • Martin

    Hi, thanks for your amazing information, it has great value to me. Especially your infographics do a great job in supporting to understand the concepts. Could you please tell me which software you used for creating them? I’m starting to build my own project to teach the Trivium in german, so I’d like to create them myself.

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