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Picking Up After Others, Cleaning Up Their Mistakes (NL)

Optimus Prime gets Natural Law to some extent: “We cannot let the humans pay for our mistakes.” – Optimus Prime “How many more of my kind must be sacrificed to atone for your mistakes?” – Optimus Prime Some end up taking the hit on the consequences to actions that others generated and set into motion. This is a result of […]

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Obsession with Appearances and Cleaning

Many people have mind-viruses of the “need” for “cleanliness” to achieve the desired external appearance. Look at what their mind and focus is on, the “need” to clean things, because it’s not up to their “normalized”, “standardized” “acceptable” aesthetic level. – the “need” to clean the fridge – the “need” to clean the windows – the “need” to clean the […]

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Cleansing the Body to Evolve Consciousness

Cleansing the Body/Temple/Vessel to Evolve Consciousness (as a bonus to doing the Right thing in Truth) This is about a certain passage and knowledge in the Bible that I came across, and a comment about it on a site I am reading. Audio: Local backup: Cleansing the Body to Evolve Consciousness Video of audio:   I know many people are […]

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