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Trivium/Natural Law, Veganism, and New Age

Also a Critique of Post-New Age Carnism Artwork (above) by Wenzel Peter Dedicated to ALL SENTIENT BEINGS, a Message of Love and Truth By Jana Espiritu Santo (contact: janaespiritusanto@gmail.com/FB: Jana Esp) Truth, Morality and First Principles Socrates was the first known philosopher to link Truth with Goodness/Morality, as integrated universal principles. Following, his student Plato united moral development and intellectual […]

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Hijacking Goodness

Intelligence and thought seem to be framed as undesirable in the modern generation, in favor of the surmounting meme of foolishness and idiocy that pervades the entertainment distraction circuits of consciousness shaping. The social engineering into the normalized acceptability of the false construct of living, will indoctrinate us with false notions of Morality, Truth and Goodness. These impositions of false […]

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Delusions of “Goodness” in Immorality

People think they are “good” no matter what they do. Slavers thousands of years ago thought of themselves as good. Hitler thought of himself as good and doing what was right. When you do not accept the core foundational principles of Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, all you need to do is believe it is “right” and “good” […]

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