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Pleasure Gratification Life Motto’s

“Follow Your Bliss” (Mark Passio’s Street Wise Spirituality presentation 2014-05-31) http://whatonearthishappening.com/podcast I wrote a piece in early August and posted it in the morning of August 7th, and later that day this presentation of Mark’s came out. Today, August 11th, I get to this part at 4:53h, and it is EXACTLY what I am talking about. Great correspondence 🙂 Pleasure […]

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Wants and Needs

I try to give people what they actually need, not want they want and think they “need”. I have more knowledge, and I can see the condition people are in, and I can help by giving them what they need to hear, not want they want to hear. The dark occultist agenda has the same view. They have more knowledge, […]

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