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Who Are You? Who We Are, Know Thyself – Psychology (Pt.1)

Do you know thyself? Would you agree that you are an individual self? I am myself. You are yourself. We are each ourselves. Individual aspects of reality each have an identity. This is part of philosophical metaphysics and categories of being to understand characteristics, aspects, attributes, properties and qualities of what ‘is’ in reality. In the Trivium Methodology, this is […]

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Existence, Consciousness and Axioms of Truth – Philosophy (Pt.1)

When inquiring into aspects of truth and reality, there are limits to the degree of verification we can employ to trace something back to its roots in the grounding of reality. You can only regress back so far to trace something and know it as a valid truth. These root foundations of understanding are called axioms. You can’t infinitely regress […]

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Duty and Privilege

Duties and privileges. It seems the control system is big on this methodology. Where does this concept come from? Could this be mirrored from an existing positive pathway?  Yes. Nature! Existence! Video Audio Download .mp3: Duty and Privilege We have duties and responsibilities to Truth and Morality, to Natural Laws. Aligning with these responsibilities will provide us the privileges and […]

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