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Solitude and Social Conformity

In order to find the True Self in a society of false living, solitary time is required.  Constantly reinforcing the social programming by immersing ourselves in it’s constructs will not allow us to find the True Self within. We need to take time to learn about Truth. Most people focus on relationships and maintaining them. They work within the social […]

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The System and Consumption

The system will never stop unless we make it stop. People go along to get along. More housing communities are being built, more malls are being built for those communities, etc. More products will be shipped in and sold. Why do people go along to get along? They are attached to the system and dependent on it for survival through […]

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The Responsiblity of Right Action

https://www.facebook.com/notes/kris-nelson/the-responsiblity-of-right-action/10151729215773554 On taking responsibility for what we do, what actions and behaviors we engage in.  A simple quote that sums up what many of us already know, but is worth mentioning to make it clear.  It is from a children’s movie.  Children’s movies are wonderful as they often have great life-lessons to teach. “Life isn’t about where you are going […]

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