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Language, Reality and the Trivium Method

“Language” is latent within us all, through existing in reality where we develop references to reality, for interactivity, and the expression of ourselves and reality to ourselves and to others. Although, etymologically it is a word derived from the Latin lingua, French langue, the tongue, as the strongest source of expressing language since it contains emotions, tones, attitude, and more […]

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Consciousness Connection Between Humans and Nonhuman Animals

Imagine your being or consciousness in another nonhuman animal. You would lose the vocal capability to communicate as you do, and your limbs would not enable you to create the things that you currently do. You would still be you, the same you, the same consciousness, but in a different body. Now, ask yourself, what rights do I have in […]

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Are Humans Designed To Eat Meat

A presentation by Milton Mills, M.D.. The major causes of death in Western countries are cardiovascular diseases and cancers. Abundant medical research linking these diseases to dietary and lifestyle factors, guidelines advanced by the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, and the Surgeon General, among others, counsel Americans to sharply reduce animal foods consumed and replace them with fruits, […]

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