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Learn to Let Go. Objective Detachment – Psychology (Pt.2)

Identification and Attachment Attachment blinds us to reality. Attachment is the root of suffering. Detachment is freedom. Attachment applies on many levels of life because its intricately rooted into our ego-personality-identity construct, our sense of self, self-image, self-view and worldview perception of the world. The more we value and identify with things, the more we become attached to them. This […]

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Family, Culture, Tradition and Immorality

The control system man has created is not the only place where man tries to be “God” and create insane “laws” for others to live by. This also occurs in the closest identification of the family circle. People will invent ludicrous expectations from “family” members, invent “codes” of honor, etc. A father declares that his daughters cannot marry foreigners, the […]

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I Wonder How People Actually Think Morality Works

Do they think that if they are happy with themselves, and things are going well in their lives, that this means they are moral? I think many people do think this. They consider themselves “good” because they think they are “moral”, and “moral” because they see themselves as “good”, not doing wrongs. If they were doing wrongs, they would not […]

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