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Destruction and Harmony

Destruction is easier than harmony, but not more powerful. Both are phases in self-realization, alchemical transformation, etc. We can deconstruct the falsity from ourselves, destroy the false self and live more authentic, examined, true lives by harmonizing the purities that remain. That is easier work than the reconstruction of humanity that comes afterward. That reconstruction and coordination into True Unity, […]

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Apophatic, Negative, Deconstructive and Vitriolic Path to Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law

This is the apophatic way, wei wu wei, the negative path towards Truth and becoming. It is saying “NO”, stopping to do what is wrong, and more right can be embodied as a result. It is shattering, dissolving, destruction and deconstruction of falsity, lies, deceptions, illusions and bullshit. This is what Truth does, it tears down the barriers of consciousness […]

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Focus on New Wonder, Ignore & Maintain the Current/Old Disease

Stop making “new” things, stop making machines, stop making weapons, stop making AI’s, stop making robots, just stop it all you madmen obsessed with the control over life. The control over their own lives and the lives of others, obsessed with the over-man, superman, new-man, cybernetic man, cyborg-man, immortal-man. These are diseased infections of the mind, a mind-virus, that does […]

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