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Anthropomorphism – Cognitive Biases (Pt.5)

Anthropomorphism and personification is taking qualities, aspects, characteristics, properties and attributes of human consciousness (thoughts, emotions, intentions, behavior) or physical forms (body, face, eye), and applying them to non-human entities, real or imagined. Anthropomorphism is seen in recent and older children’s animated movies, children literature, comics, sci-fi, other fiction, and all the way back to ancient mythologies. Anthropomorphism has been […]

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Previous Work Attachments vs. New Corrected Work

My past work, and people who liked it, are in Evolve Consciousness Version 1 (ECv1), and may not like the work I do now, Evolve Consciousness Version 2 (ECv2), which is a correction of my understandings, that if people are not following they may not understand the work, and simply reject this new direction. Evolve Consciousness is a different version […]

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Infatuation with Being “Positive” and Doing “Good”

People have an infatuation with being “positive” and doing “good”, rather than stopping the negative and evil. Trying to create good while you still create evil is confused, counterproductive, inconsistent lunacy and will not work. Evil must be faced and stopped before new Good can truly, fully, work. Focusing on good at the cost of ignoring evil allows evil to […]

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