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Nurse Speaks Out on Hospital Incompetence/Neglect Killing COVID Patients

This nurse treating COVID patients speaks out on the neglect and incompetence of the medical system that harms and even kills patients. How much is this contributing to inflated “COVID death” counts? Then their medical malpractice gets covered-up by a “COVID death” whitewash. This is criminal. People are dying from the “medical” personnel harming people directly and leading to their […]

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Hasty Decisions Reduce Accuracy – The Speed-Accuracy Trade-Off

In making decisions, there is a balance between the speed we arrive at a decision and the degree of accuracy with which that decision will give us what we expected. This is called the speed-accuracy trade-off, where hasty decisions tend to be suboptimal than slower deliberate decisions. In general, the quicker we make a decision the more error-prone it is. […]

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