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You’re WRONG About What You’re Doing, It Needs To STOP

From “True Forgiveness” (Mark Passio’s Street Wise Spirituality presentation 2014-05-31) http://whatonearthishappening.com/podcast Being Complicit in the Abuse-Victim Cycle Some previous posts I made about this topic: – https://evolveconsciousness.org/stand-in-truth/ – https://evolveconsciousness.org/standing-up-for-truth-and-morality-is-standing-up-for-yourself/

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Sacred Feminine and Masculine – Ahimsa and Justice

This image represents the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine principles that we can align with and embody in our ways of living. We can choose to change and better ourselves in greater degrees of embodiment of these two components within ourselves that we are all capable of developing. We need to dig deep to the root causal core foundational factors […]

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