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Musings on Intuition & Logic

Intuition is like grasping at something in the dark. You can feel it a bit, but you can’t see it yet, you don’t really understand it. Logic is required to bring in higher definition detail and clarity. Logic takes what you are holding/feeling in the dark, and brings up for you to actually look at. Then you can see if […]

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Subjective Knowledge, Intuition, Insight, Noesis, Gnosis, Nous

Subjective knowledge isn’t “real” knowledge yet, despite all the claims of the “spiritualists” and “new agers” etc. Mere noesis/gnosis, nous, intuition or insight of the subjective knowledge is not enough to qualify for “real” knowledge yet because it comes from imagination and creativity of consciousness, and is only an internal “ring” towards some concept. It can be very true, but, […]

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