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Characters and Our Character – The Etymology of Morality

I invite you on a word journey through the etymological origin of the word morality. To better understand morality, lets first look at the etymology of the word and see what it has to offer us. Below is an etymological reference to what certain words mean, followed by an elaboration to explain the meaning. You can read the text and […]

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Characters and Our Character

This started off as research into the word morality itself. Another little word journey and weaving a larger tapestry from it. Video Audio Download .mp3: Characters and Our Character Morality “moral qualities,” “moral instruction; morals, manner, character,” http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=morality directly from Latin moralis “proper behavior of a person in society,” literally “pertaining to manners,” coined by Cicero (“De Fato,” II.i) to […]

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