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Pseudo-Skepticism, Doubt & Certainty

Pseudo-skeptic: “A person who defers reason and evidence at the behest of institutions and authority figures; especially prone to deferment when persuaded by a biased media outlets presenting experts, and other authority figures, who are actively involved in, or are retired from but still related to an authoritative institution.” Psuedo-skeptics often dismiss information contrary to their world view as conspiracy […]

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Fear of Truth

People are afraid of Truth. They fear the contrast and contradiction that Truth will bring into their accepted ways of living and being. Truth forces people to face themselves. Truth disturbs and puts pressure on the falsity in your life and makes you confront it. Truth is your enemy when you Fear looking into unpleasant things. It will act against […]

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Mind Control and Truth Seeking

We are the ones who are mind controlling ourselves.  People want to point the finger at the “powers that be” or “elite” and “media”, etc, but we are all complicit in this game of buying and selling.  We are the ones who accept or reject information.  Their are many external influences trying to manipulate us, but we are the ones […]

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