“You have NO RIGHT to NOT be Vaccinated”: Dershowitz, Madman Authoritarian

dershowitz vaccines

According to the popular establishment and pedo-connected lawyer Alan Dershowitz, you basically have no rights unless the government lets you have them. What’s more, is that this guy is considered a “scholar” in the field of United States constitutional law! What a pathetic joke!

dershowitz vaccines
 In the video at the bottom you can listen to the “noted civil libertarian” get asked by Jason Goodman, about Gov. Cuomo and if he’s allowed to “shut down the constitution” because of allegations of COVID-19. To which the “esteemed” scholar responds that the state has the power to close parks for “health” reasons:

You have no constitutional right to endanger the public and spread disease, even if you disagree.

Where does the United States Constitution grant states “rights” to prevent people from going into parks? If you don’t have a right yourself, then a group of people can’t have that right either. States don’t magically have more rights than any individual does. That’s a big lie of the belief in authority.

All these “laws” aren’t moral law. People just claim some imaginary right to create “legal” demands on others backed up by the threat of violence if you don’t do what they say. That’s a gang. And that’s how society works.

People have the right to do anything unless it causes harm to other sentient beings. People go through parks with the flu, why weren’t parks closed before? It’s bullshit. Even if you are sick, I agree it’s not cool to get other people sick and you should avoid spreading an illness. Like say, don’t cough/sneeze into you hand and go rubbing shit in the park.

He elaborates and keeps telling people what they don’t have a right to do:

You have no right not to be vaccinated. You have no right not to wear a mask. You have no right to open up your business…

And there you have it. The most insane thing for a so-called “constitutional expert” to say. But wait, there’s more from the scholar of constitutional law:

And if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor’s office and plunge a needle into your arm.

Wow. Witness the belief in authority leads to, folks. This is what you get when you believe in authority and justify everything they do. You get someone who doesn’t know right from wrong. Or at least advocates wrong over right, which is an immoral person. Period.

Unfortunately, many people believe what he does: You should be fined for not doing as the state says. You should be arrested. You should be forced to get a vaccine. Otherwise, stay in your home and never leave, live in a bubble.

What right does anyone have to kidnap you and force a substance into your body against your will? This is insane. And Jason Goodman perks up to challenge Dershowitz’s insanity that you should bow down and obey what they state commands of you. But Dershowitz just keeps peddling insane claims. Like how caselaw from courts trumps the common sense of moral law understanding. As if a court not upholding the constitution as a foundation somehow becomes a “constitutional” judgment to stand by.

It’s interesting that he refers to the state’s “power”, and not “right” in these sentences. I think he’s being a clever manipulator and u sing legalese rhetoric to advocate for anti-constitutional arguments under the veil that they are constitutional.

Just trust the state. They can work on virus strains, make them more deadly, and sell them to other governments to work on as well. Then, the virus can potentially leak and start spreading in the world. Or they can tell people that a “deadly virus” is spreading in the world, while it’s not that much more deadly compared to something like the flu that sounds no alarms year after year.

Trust in your masters. They will take care of you. You don’t need rights.

Anyways, if you want to hear it yourself, listen to this fool attempt to justify the immorality of the state:

You can also listen to HighImpactFlix going over the madness of this fake-ass “law” expert:


  • This IS Insane

    This agenda is truly heinous and this man is a disgrace to humanity.

    Forcing a foreign object into someone’s body against their will is a violent assault. I don’t care IF it’s a vaccine. It’s amazing how much vaccine induced deaths and side effects are dismissed.

    No right not to wear a mask??? Until when? Until our world is 100% free of flus, diseases, viruses? Wear masks in fear while other species with no technology outlive us without them? (Galapagos tortoises with life spans of 100+ years for example).

    We should be working to improve the immunity of humanity in other ways… Like taking McDonald’s out of public schools…banning GMOs…Banishing chem trails… I can go on and on about this.

    This man is one evil, decrepit little puppet wasting his hideous soul.

    • Yes it is an assault. But these people don’t understand basic moral principles.

      • These so-called "Safety Measures" really aren't worth it

        It really speaks volumes that people using these so-called “protective measures” are concerned about people who aren’t.

        If vaccines are so effective should vaccinated people even worry about unvaccinated people? If they do, they are acknowledging that the vaccine isn’t so powerful… Yet many places don’t even allow philosophical exemptions for vaccines in school anymore. In these places, you must identify with some religion just to enroll your children in school without vaccines.

        The same goes for masks. It’s crazy for people wearing masks with the belief that they are protecting themselves to worry about those who don’t wear them, especially when the ones not wearing one aren’t having any symptoms.
        It’s one thing to be concerned about an ill person deliberately coughing and smearing snot all over the place..but this isn’t even comparable to a person with no symptoms exposing their face.

        • Yes, I am not sick. If I have the virus and don’t know it, so what? This is like a more severe flu season. Check your facts people… lol. Media is lying to you and putting you in fear. Don’t be afraid of getting sick from something that might be a little worse than the flu if you actually do get sick. It’s retarded.

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