Vitamin D Link to COVID-19 Severity Correlated in Studies

There is good news for confirmation of natural treatments for COVID-19. A new study has found an association (correlation) between levels of vitamin D and morality from COVID-19. It’s about time a study was done, as far as I’m concerned.

Why? Because naturopathic doctors have been using nutrients to help people treat COVID-19 for months. But you can’t talk about it on YouTube, because they ban your video from being seen by other people for daring to put out information that can help people. They do this because the WHO doesn’t say vitamin D will help you. Therefore, you aren’t allowed to know about it on YouTube.

Vitamins A, C & D, as well as nutritional IV’s, iodine, ozone and nebulization to support the immune system have been used to help combat the illness. But anyone claiming to treat COVID-19 with natural healthy immune boosting nutrients is told by the FTC they aren’t allowed. The FBI has even raided clinics offering free Vitamin C treatments.

It’s pretty nuts that doctors treating people naturally is being condemned by mainstream media, censored by social media, and threatened with business closure by the FTC is you talk about your treatment. This is the world we live in.

People aren’t allowed to make their own informed decisions. Authoritarians want to remove your options and tell you what you can or can’t know about. They only want you to do things that are “approved” by the establishment narrative.

Scientism is rampant. Belief in science through academic publications as the only authority is what many consider the only truth to know about. You can’t possibly observe reality to see things like nutrients helping to treat illnesses. Just obey what the “experts” tell you is or isn’t true.

Alright, getting back to the study. There are a few publications about vitamin D and COVID-19. many studies have already been done to show the importance of vitamin D in viral infections. We have more data to support this with COVID-19.

Results: Twenty COVID-19 patients with serum 25OHD levels were identified; 65.0% required ICU admission. The vitamin D insufficiency (VDI) prevalence in ICU patients was 84.6%, vs. 57.1% in floor patients. Strikingly, 100% of ICU patients less than 75 years old had VDI.

VDI is highly prevalent in severe COVID-19 patients. VDI and severe COVID-19 share numerous associations including hypertension, obesity, male sex, advanced age, concentration in northern climates, coagulopathy, and immune dysfunction. Thus, we suggest that prospective, randomized controlled studies of VDI in COVID-19 patients are warranted.

Another study showed that vitamin D supplementation seems to account for reduced COVID-19 cases and deaths:

This study shows that, counter intuitively, countries at lower latitude and typically sunny countries, such as Spain and Northern Italy, had low concentrations of vitamin D and high rates of vitamin D deficiency. These countries also experienced the highest infection and death rates in Europe.

The northern latitude countries of Norway, Finland and Sweden, have higher vitamin D levels despite less UVB sunlight exposure, because supplementation and fortification of foods is more common. These Nordic countries have lower COVID-19 infection and death rates. The correlation between low vitamin D levels and death from COVID-19 is statistically significant.

This may be because vitamin D is important in regulation and suppression of the inflammatory cytokine response, which causes the severe consequences of COVID-19 and ‘acute respiratory distress syndrome’ associated with ventilation and death.

What did the government do when COVID-19 fear-hype panic was created by a bad model and estimated of 3% death rates (actually 0.26%)? LOCKDOWN! Isolate in your home! Don’t go out!

This lowered vitamin D intake from the sun. Have people been supplementing vitamin D? Maybe not. Maybe that’s why some places where lockdowns went into effect have more cases or deaths than other place that didn’t. This can be seen in some US states where there were severe lockdowns. Or maybe they just happen to be more densely populated areas.

Until science 100% proves it, I’m sure some people will say that nutrients like vitamins and minerals can’t treat COVID-19. That vitamin D doesn’t help you reduce symptoms severity or duration (contrary to those treatments working). Why? It’s not proven by science yet in publications and studies. Correlations don’t mean anything, apparently. It’s just like ice cream causing crime, they say. Don’t think about this yourself, just let the experts figure it out for you and let you know when it’s proven. If scientific publications don’t show it, then it’s not real, even if it is demonstrated to work for people who get treated with natural health-promoting nutrients.

Science is moving forward to look deeper into vitamin D to understand how it helps fight off COVID-19. Many studies are on the way and should be done by the fall.


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