Turning Point for Humanity? Will the ‘Safety Measures’ for COVID-19 Be Reversed, or Has the New Control Grid Arrived?

I look around at how people are reacting in fear, and how they are so willing to do what the government says. Compliant consent to the information being fed to them by the mainstream media, and how to behave.

Then I see how people are calling police on their neighbors because too many people are attending a child’s birthday party. I see how police are giving out $1,000 tickets for people who are walking closer than 6 ft / 1 meter to others.

Then there is the renewed push for a cashless society, because cash is a carrier for the virus, right? Idiots have been calling for a new digital currency, but we already have digital currency in our banks with ATM cards and credit cards. We don’t need another digitalization of money. I went to a grocery store a few weeks ago, and they were accepting cash, but rejected my rain check, which didn’t make sense because they both can carry a virus. Inconsistent policies deployed by fear-hyped panic mindsets. Stores are still taking cash, well because it’s money.

And don’t forget the economic siphoning in wall Street with the $7 trillion bailout once again. Another huge transfer of wealth for the elite crooks in their money magic gambling games, as the rest of us become bigger debt-slaves than before.

These “measures” are some of what is going on right now, as we tacitly accept them as “reasonable” in our ignorance and ultimately at our apathy at figure out what’s going on, to know we are being fooled, hoodwinked, screwed, bamboozled, tricked and conned into losing more of our freedoms while think, once more, it’s for the betterment of all our safety and security.

BIll Gates has openly called for digital certificates to be issued for receiving vaccines for COVID-19. The fear-hype is heading towards mandatory vaccines for COVID-19. If that happens, it won’t stop there. Shortly after, a slew of vaccines will be mandatory, with a digital certificate to boot.

This is where the end-game control is. Injecting mercury, aluminum and other nasty stuff into people, where some get vaccine injuries but who cares, it’s for the great good, collateral damage is expected, you don’t really get a choice. Do it, or you can’t do shit in society. No job, no public transportation, etc. Or, why even offer a choice, and just inject people without their consent, because it’s for the great good bullshit. After all, you are a threat to everyone else if you don’t get vaccinated while everyone else already is. Make sense.

Apparently this is already being done in this current fear-hype state, as a video of a man refusing to be pricked by a needle is jumped on by police and injected with a needle by a “health-care” worker. Rights? What are those? Do as you’re told, or else.

This is the attitude is here and getting stronger it seems. At first people will tolerate or welcome it due to the fear-hype panic of COVID-19. But, will it go away after? Will things return to normal? Will people wake up to the greater control agenda being implemented? Or will it will be normalized and excused as a necessary “safety measure” to continue to keep COVID-19 at bay, or to prevent future “outbreaks”, or some other reason?

I see this event as a turning point. Is it just a test to see how much control they can get into a fear-hyped populace, or will this state of action remain after the “crisis” is dealt with?

Originally published on Hive, 4/5/2020 1:51 PM


  • Everything you said, I’ve seen happening and agree. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.
    What’s so sad about this whole thing is the Covid story is laden with manipulation and medical lies from the get-go; against all (micro) biology and health that I and many others (including doctors and medical researchers) have known for years. Sadly, most people take what they hear and run with it like rumors in middle school, in fear, or take a lax attitude. It’s the businesses that help keep it going as well as school systems (and that’s where they will force us to vaccinate, as usual). People have been dumbed down and afraid to go against the prevailing stories of fear and threats against our very survival. Yes, it’s a manipulation to eventually suppress the fight of “NO” in healthy, spunky, independent, critical thinking people. The wealthy controllers look down upon us and believe they are above the laws they create – history shows us this. I see them as pirates, thieves, liars, unskilled freaks of nature that only spin words for their benefit to feed us myths. We are a commodity to be used. It doesn’t help that many people seem to have a need to follow and do what they are told without much question, or worse, make up worse lies in fear of the controllers, giving them more steam than they deserve (history shows that too).
    I heard one woman say the other day, with an air of arrogance, about the protesters in California not all wearing masks or standing 6′ apart, “SOME people think they don’t have to follow the rules”. I told her, “That would be me. I never follow anything that doesn’t make sense. Someday you’ll thank those people who use their feet to rebel against the system.” I got a phone call from someone she knew, chewing me out for “going postal” on this nurse. Ha! (That’s when I actually blew up and said my piece loudly and hung up the phone. More control.). That whole situation brought me to this statement I’ve heard many times, “If we do this for one person then we have to do it for all” type thinking, implying they won’t do it for anyone. That is rooted in the idea that we are not humans, not different, and should expect to stand in line, comply without a fight, and do what we are told as part of some assigned group of cloned objects. In some situations, complying can serve a purpose. Other times it serves no one: Following authority that follows authority that follows lies serves no one. In health/healing situations, we need individual attention for our unique bodies. Anyway, it makes my skin crawl to think of how often we are treated and expected to comply. It’s stupidity at its finest. It’s a complex maze of lies and would take a book to unravel it for others.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, the vaccine is all they would talk about as a solution in the news. It’s being rammed down our minds. Gates is a madman. Critical thinking continues to degrade in society.

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