Trump Defunding WHO for Parroting China; While US Government, Media & Big Tech Support China-Style Lockdown and Censorship

President Trump has written a letter to the WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus. In it, Trump says the WHO needs to make corrections or improvements to how they operate, or else funding will be completely cut.


Trump made the letter public in a Tweet yesterday:

Trump first threatened to remove funding permanently by temporarily suspending funding on April 14. The permanent cut was pending an investigation into the WHO’s failure to respond to COVID-19. Their lack of independence from China is a key point in the letter.

The key points are:

  • WHO ignored credible reports of the virus spreading in early December 2019
  • WHO didn’t independently investigate reports that contradicted official government accounts
  • WHO office in Beijing knew of a new “major public health” concern by December 30
  • WHO was informed by Taiwan on December 31 of human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus
  • WHO failed to share this information with the rest of the world, possible due to political reasons
  • “International Health Regulations require countries to report the risk of a health
    emergency within 24 hours”
  • Dr. Zhang Yongzhen of the Shanghai Public Health Clinic Center reported the new virus sequence to CHinse authorities, but they didn’t disclose the information to the world
  • Dr. Zhang Yongzhen posted the information online themselves 6 days later on January 11
  • WHO made inaccurate claims about the illness
    • affirmed China’s claims that the virus couldn’t be transmitted between humans
    • complied with pressure from China’s president to “not to declare the corona virus outbreak an emergency.
    • falsely claimed the Chinese government was “transparent” and praised them for it as setting a “new standard for outbreak control”
  • WHO declared outbreak on January 30, but didn’t push for immediate access to Wuhan, which was only granted over 2 weeks later
  • WHO praised China closing it’s borders, but were against the US closing access to people from China
  • WHO said restricting access to US from China was “causing more harm than good”
  • WHO declared the chances of getting this going to anywhere outside China [were] very
     on February 3
  • WHO didn’t criticize China’s discriminatory actions towards African nationalities within China
  • China destroyed samples of the coronavirus, not a transparent move as WHO claims
  • WHO still hasn’t called on China to allow an independent investigation into virus origins
  • Previous WHO DirectorGeneral Harlem Brundtland recommending against travel to and from southern China from the 2003 SARS outbreak, WHO failed to do similar

The letter ends by saying the improvement needed for the WHO to keep funding is for them to “actually demonstrate independence from China”. If not done with visible actions, Trump said he will “make my temporary freeze of United States funding to the World Health Organization permanent and reconsider our membership in the organization”.

We can wait to see if the WHO will do or say anything to demonstrate what Trump is asking. I’m not sure how. But one thing to note about how China acted and how the US acted, is the lockdown and censorship.

The US and other countries got their lockdown idea from China, as recommended by their health advisors. China had apparently clamped down on the virus spreading by through their draconian lockdown. This was the model to be employed in order to have similar effects in other countries.

While Chinese authorities were busy ignoring the outbreak at first, and then later when they were locking down the country, they were also busy silencing and punishing doctors for speaking out about the virus. Chinese institutions were restricted from publishing information about the outbreak as well.

In the West, the mainstream media and big tech giants have stuck to the official narrative. While most of the mainstream media only talks about official narrative as the “truth”, social media big tech giants have been censoring voices of those who provide alternative information that contradicts the establishment narrative.

This censorship is strongest on YouTube, but has also reached Facebook and Twitter. They have even censored companies that work on treatments that Trump has talked about, yet isn’t supported in the mainstream. YouTube is the worst though, as doctors themselves are being silenced for giving not only opinions, but factual data that contradicts the official false narrative.

The most egregious, as far as I’m concerned, is done by the censorship of YouTube and the omission of the mainstream media regarding treatments. Doctors have demonstrated highly effective use of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc to over 99% recovery of patients. Even natural treatments to boost immunity and have less severe symptoms, like vitminc C, D, aA and zinc, have been censored on YouTube. The media will also not talk about it.

This information is crucial for people to save themselves, rather than depend on the negligence and incompetence of the medical industry which robotically put people on ventilators instead, resulting in 76-97% fatality. Many deaths could have been avoided.

Instead, the system people believe in is demonstrably inflating the number of deaths to manipulate people through fear into giving up their freedoms and act like unthinking robots. It’s a sham of a system and society we live in. From the medical, media and governmental systems, people are being lied to and information withheld.

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