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NSA’s ‘Contact Chaining’ for the Technocratic World Order

Edward Snowden broke open the secretive surveillance world that was underlying our societies. Three NSA whistleblowers have included declarations along with other evidence to prove the allegations of massive spying on Americans. NSA’s PRISM program was confirmed by the U.S. government in 2013 after Snowden blew the lid on the whole affair six years after it’s inception in 2007. SourceIn 2018, the NSA said […]

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AI ‘Criminal Prediction’ (Pre-Crime) Facial Recognition Developed in Latest Push for Techno Tyranny

ai precrime

Pre-crime AI seems to be all the rage lately, as another attempt to criminalize innocent people has been developed. This time by a team at Harrisburg University. Source Professors have developed AI “automated computer facial recognition software capable of predicting whether someone is likely going to be a criminal”. Yes, they said that in their own words in the official press release. Amazing […]

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YT ‘Memory Holes’ Doctors and Facts Contradicting ‘Authoritative’ COVID Narrative, Video Had +5,000,000 Views

These are the dark times we live in. Big tech is firmly grasping the minds of the masses, squeezing out information they don’t want people to think about. A recent video I posted about and uploaded myself received a lot of attention on YouTube, with over 5,000,000 views before it was taken down. It had two doctors from California (Accelerated Urgent Care […]

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White House/Dr. Birx Ignores Lower Death Rates of COVID-19, Pushing More Lockdown/Surveillance

At the April 20 White House Press Conference, Fox News correspondent John Roberts asked Dr. Birx about the lower death rates as a result of antibody studies concluding a much larger percentage of the population was infected with COVID-19. “…that the penetration of the virus is as much as 40 times as what it was believed to be, as many […]

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COVID-19 Scamdemic as Steroids for World Government/NWO Control Grid

The push for a globalized new world order under a world government is seeing increased exposure int he media as a result of the coronavirus artificially created fear-hype panic instituted by the mainstream media. James Corbett does a good job of showing some top figure-heads coming out with rhetoric to try to mold the perception of the masses to accept greater globalization, […]

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‘Pandemic’ Drones to Surveil Population for Infection by Detecting Cough, Fever, Heart Rate

With the fear-hype panic for viruses in full swing, the surveillance state is ready to push forward again and introduce more spying. This time, via robots and cameras. One such product developed by drone manufacturer DragonFly, will determine fever, cough detection, respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure. The goal, as stated by a company spokesperson in the video below, […]

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